Louis Tomlinson has always had feelings for his childhood best friend, Erin Rodgers. When Louis competed on the X factor and became famous, he and Erin grew apart, and Erin barely remembers Louis. But Louis will always remember her. But Louis can not stand being without her, so he gets Eleanor to distract him from thinking about Erin. He finds himself falling for Eleanor, which was not part of the plan. When he recognizes Erin at a concert, will he find himself torn between the two girls? READ TO FIND OUT!!!


1. She never promised


~Louis's POV~




"Promise you'll never forget me?"


"I promise."


"You promise what?"


"I promise I will never forget you."


~End if flashback; still Louis's POV~


Looking back at that moment, I realize that she never promised that she wouldn't forget about me. You can't keep a promise if there never WAS a promise in the first place. I guess that's why she forgot. I don't understand... just... how she could forget all those memories... 18 years... just gone for her

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