The Girl In Stripes & Beanies

Heyy. Im the LOUIS TOMLINSONS SISTER. Im 17 turning 18 and my name is Kara Tomlinson. I also wear Stripes And I love beanies but i dont have that much ^. You may be like "OMG NO FAIR" or like "OMG YOU GET EVERYTHING I WANTED" well no i dont I mean he is a great brother but he can be digusting. Another is that no one saw me he never EVER shown me the boys I really want to meet he always tells me i will but i know he wont. Well Its MY B-Day and he says that I have a suprise I wonder if i finallly get to meet the boys .................................................. I hope they arent as gross as Lou is. :/.


1. Suprise

Karas Pov                     Lou was in bed so I was waking him up."BooBear when can i meet them" I begged on my knees litterally.    He laughed and said "soon Boo now leave me alone im tired" He said rolling on the other side of his bed."AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I rolled my eyes and walked out of his room. I sighed and plopped on my bed. I decided to text Eleanor Lous Girlfriend and one of my bffs along with Dannielle and Perrie. Right as I was about to text her my computer made a noice showing I had either a video request or a friend request. I took it out of my drawer and saw that they all wanted to do a group video chat. Usually I would fix my hair since its in the morning but these are my best friends were talking about. I clicked "Accept" and soon there faces popped up. " Heyy GURLLL" We all shouted. thats what we always do. "SO..... Has Lou told them about you did you meet them yet or still not" El asked.  "no....... and hes getting on my nerves" I said obviously annoyed. "NO MY BOOBEAR BEING A PAIN AND GETTING ON SOMEONES NERVES .................................NO" El sid dramaticly and sarcasticly. Did I say that im a model well I am. For a bunch one is 'TEEN WEAKLY" another is "FASHONISTA WORLD" and well im the "Fashonista girl". "Well I gotta go I have a shoot today see ya" "BYE" We all said. And soon we all hung up. Lou knocked on my door. "What do you want" I groaned and got up and made my way to the door "I have a suprise for you in  a couple of days" Lo said with a smirk. "WHAT COULD THAT MEAN" I thought in my head OH BOY

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