The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


1. The crash

Authors note~ hey this is my first fan fic so yea hope you enjoy it :) 

~ hazzas cupcake xx



Harry's pov 

So here I am at 2am. Sitting on a stupid plastic seat waiting for the plane. Well at least we aren't being mobbed by screaming fans. Niall is sitting in the airports nandos with zayn properly making the shop run out of food, liam and Louis are out shopping and on the phone to Eleanor and Danielle. So I'm sitting here on my own. Great, as if I'm not happy enough being awake at this time in the morning. 
"Hhaaarrrryyyyy" Niall whined behind me.
"What" I replied bluntly.
"We'll someone's woken up on the wrong side of the bed" 
I turned around to see Liam and Louis holding millions of shopping bags.
"Yeah well it's not fun being awake at 2am" I sighed.
"We'll when we get on the plane you can go to sleep next to me ok?!" Zayn spoke sitting next to me.
I just nodded and walked over to find our gate. I remember last time I went Australia, the sun beating down on our skin whilst laying on a boat drifting off to sea,the seagulls flying around...
I turned around to find Louis standing there.
"Where are the others?" I said looking around.
"There already on the plane waiting for you!"
"Oh" I replied and looked down to the ground... Wow I never knew the ground was so interesting. 
"COME ON" Louis shouted and grabbed my arm and jogged over to the plane.
It was quieter than I thought,however 2 girls walked by and one caught my eye. She had piercing green eyes contrasting with her chestnut hair that formed around her neck and bounced with every step she took. I looked at her eyes wide, mouth slightly open. She smiled and loowqked my way blushing. Oh how I love it when girls blush. I sent her a wink and settled down waiting for the  plane to start. I looked at the screen explaining what to do and don't if the plane should crash. I've watched it soo many times I didn't need to look so I turned around looking around trying to find the 2 girls. AHA found them sitting at the back.. Bingo!

   Amber pov

I turned around to face nixie. She was walking down to our seats when she saw someone and stopped. At first I was wondering what she was looking at but then looking where she was looking I only found THE WORLDS BIGGEST BOY BAND ONE DIRECTION!!! I was staring at them with my mouth open,eyes wide. I had always been a directioner with nixie from the moment they got put into a band. I had a soft spot for Harry. His big emerald orbs,adorable dimples and luscious curly hair. I came back to reality realising that Harry was indeed staring at me wide eyed. I blushed and looked to the ground and carried on walking dragging nixie along with me who was staring at Niall. I have to admit she was perfect for him. I could see Niall calling her his princess whilst she giggled and leaned in for a kiss. Her brown hair with blonde highlights in contrasting with his blonde hair. Her blue eyes melting whilst looking into his blue ocean eyes. They were perfect if I had to admit myself. As I sat down into my chair at the back of first class I couldn't keep my eyes off Harry. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I AM SITTING ON THE SAME PLANE AS ONE DIRECTION. ONE. FREAKING. DIRECTION. Sorry fan girl moment ;) The lady on the screen was telling us what to do if the plane crashed. To be honest I really didn't mind if we crashed. I've been on plane crashes before. Oh and car and train crashes. It was like I was a magnet to crashes. I was soon brought back to reality when I realised I was asleep but awoke with screaming. 
I opened my eyes and sure enough nixie was right we were crashing. I glanced around to see if one direction were still here and they were! I felt kinda sorry for them... Niall sitting down hugging his knees crying,Louis and zayn hugging screaming whilst Liam was trying to wake Harry up. I wanted to get up and hug them telling them it would be alright but I was plunged into icy cold water,knocking my head into something and drifted into darkness whilst hearing people scream my name...

Harry's pov

I opened one eye just to get it shut right away from the impact of the water. Wait what!? Water?? Why on earth was I being chucked into water? I gasped for air as I hit the surface only to be consumed by the water again. I hear Louis scream my name telling me to stay above the water but however much I tried I couldn't... I was way to tired. I only had 3 hours sleep and I have just lost so much energy!

"HAZZA" my band mates screamed whilst I was sinking. I felt my lungs were going to burst any minute...

"HARRY STYLES WERE THE HELL ARE YOU" Liam shouted well I think it was Liam I'm not sure his voice was muffled by the water. I knew it was only a matter of time until I died. Just as I drifted into unconscious I felt something dig at my neck. I was too tired to see so I let it go.. Letting me sink into the water.

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