Esmonde Willis' Monologue

Esmonde Willis is a 24 year old man stuck on death row.
Five years ago he committed a serious crime.
He murdered a man.
A husband. A father.
In cold blood.

This is just a short monologue that I've been working on in drama. Hope you like it


1. Esmonde Willis’ Monologue

(Facing the audience but not exactly talking to them) I am going to die.

I know that better than I know my own name…

I don’t regret what I did. That man deserved what he got. He shouldn’t have started something that he couldn’t finish.

I've been on death row for about four years now. The outcome was inevitable. (Says furiously) I don’t want to die, not like this. (Pacing like a caged animal) To have an arranged death as if I'm some kind of animal, it’s not right! And what’s worse is that the one person who’s supposed to be there for me, the person who brought me into this world, my own mother, doesn’t care. (Says forlornly) But then, she never did; she’s never wanted me. I don’t know why I thought she would be ‘oh so heartbroken’.

I've never felt so alone. But it’s been like this for a long time so why should I expect anything to be different. (Sneers) My mother is the reason why I'm rotting in this cell. She never loved me. (Punches cell wall) She never protected me from my violent father when he lashed out at me, beating me half to death. Two broken ribs and a black eye was all that man ever gave me in life and yet (exclaims angrily) she protected him.

I hate her. I loathe her very existence.

And when I die, when they take me to be (hisses) brutally murdered, my last thoughts will be of her and when I see her in hell.

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