Haunted Love

He is terrible to her.
Niall finds her.
He gets so much worse.
Niall falls for her.
He becomes out of control.
Niall helps her.

Will Abbie ever escape from her ex-boyfriend/stalker?


1. Meet Abbie Hughes

My name is Abbie Hughes.

I'm 19 yeas old.

At the moment, I'm currently studying art and performing arts at the University of the Arts London.

I've been doing drama all my life.  It gives me a chance to forget about my problems and pretend I'm someone else.

My mother is an artist and my role model.

I am an only child.

I've always been a loner at school, the one who is never noticed and always gets her name forgotten.  I suppose a 'nobody' is the best way to put it.

My best friend is Olivia.  The only person who understands me. Well, used to..


Here is my story.

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