Running from life

He was my life, I trusted him, but he let me down and I don't want to go back...


1. (The whole story)

I was walking, and I have been doing it for hours. I didn’t really know where I was anymore but I was still walking, forward and longer away from the accident and my life.   

While I was walking I saw cars and buses traveling on the road. I walked into a forest, it was almost midnight and the moons light lighted up the forest while I was walking. I was thinking that I maybe would found an old tree house that some kid had built and then abandoned it alone to rutten. But the only things I saw around the forest was trees, stones and bushes. My life was a total disaster !

Before i was running from my life I had it really good. I had my family who loved me, friends who I loved and they loved me and I also was the most popular girl in the whole school. And the worst part of my perfect life back then was my boyfriend, he is the reason to my suffering, and to why I am here. All this happened one week ago when i was in school. 

- Come on Becca hurry! We’re going to be late again if you are going to stand in front of the mirror every time the school bell is ringing. My best friend Laura was calling on me but I was ignoring her. I took one more sight of my blond long hair, small waist and my new clothes. My face was a little round with tiny cute hamster cheeks. But I didn’t look fat whit them, it actually made me feel more pretty and cute. My mom used to call me her little hamster when I was a little girl, now she just calls me Becca or sweety. I am not so tall either, I think I  am 1.50 m. But it was at least one year since I measured my self. All my life I wanted to be tall but now I just think it’s good to be a little shorter than everyone else. I really don’t know why I like to be short, maybe it’s the fact that i never have to feel taller than my boyfriend or that I can look up on my mom and ask her for some money (she is really weak for my puppy eyes).
I took a last sight of my face, took a deep breath and walked over to Laura that was standing at the door ready to run to our math class.

After math class we walked to the canteen ready for Lunch. On our way there I saw Laura’s big crush Michael walk by. Laura’s eyes went big as two meatballs and I swear that she almost drooled like a hungry dog when he walked by. I saw how
 Michael's eyes searched for some response when they slowly glanced up to her eye’s. I could see the panic in Lauras eye’s when he looked at her, I took the major chance that Laura would become pissed off on me afterwards but I know she would get over it.
- Hey, Michael ! Can you come over here for a second ? Michael looked at me and started to walk towards us, Laura was now pinching my arm and I was just laughing.
-  Hi girls, what's up ?
- Nothing really, I just wonder if you want to come home to me on Saturday and watch a movie with me, Laura and James. James is my beloved boyfriend and as you know the reason to my suffery. 
- Yeah sure, why not.
- Cool, and don’t forget to bring some snacks and things for a sleepover. If you want to of course?
- Wow, a sleepover. That just made my day, I’ll be there.
- Awesome, you can come at 6 pm. 
- Okay, see you later girls.
-  Bye, Michael. 

- What the heck was that? The panic in Laura’s voice was so loud that she almost screamed out the words.
- No worries sister, it’s going to be super fun, I promise!
- Okay, but you are the one who is responsible for how I look all night long then.
- Deal !

On Saturday everything was perfect, my life, my house, my friends and my boyfriend. I felt like the happiest and most loved girl in the whole world. But all this perfect things was soon about to be destroyed...

The doorbell rang, me and Laura had been running around in the whole house cleaning, spraying with a whole bottle of air cleaner in the bathroom with hope that it would smell just a little better than usually. We had also put out a lot of burning candles around the tv room so it would feel a lot more cozier. We were very happy with what we had done to this house and now it was time for show time. 

When I first opened the door I just saw Michael, Michael with his light blue eye’s, blond hair, long figure and cute smile. Laura was hiding in a corner and didn’t have the courage to walk forward to him and say hello. Luckily for her Michael was not the type of guy who sat in the corner hiding and didn’t want to take a step forward and talk, he just stamped in and dumped his things in a corner and started to talk to her. 
I looked back to the door and saw the most beautiful creature in my whole life, a little bit of James brisket showed itself in the white v shaped t-shirt that he was wearing, his abs contour could also been seen under the t-shirt. His brown eye’s was sparkling like the water on the morning when the sun rises, and his mouth with those beautiful lips had the oblique smile that Edward in Twilight always had. It felt like I would melt down and become a boring liquid on the floor when he was smiling at me. He bent down and kissed my lips very softly and then hugged me, if he wouldn't hold me tight in his arms i would have been lying on the ground right now.  I felt like the most happiest girl in the world !

We walked into the house and saw Michael and Laura sitting in the couch talking and laughing, I really felt happy for her that she also had found her prince charming. She looked at me and I could see how her eye’s was sparkling of happiness. 

After a diner full of laughter and deep conversations we sat in the couch ready to see Paranormal activity.
- I just need to visit the bathroom for a second, I’ll be right back. James started walk away to the bathroom. 
- We can wait with the movie if you want to? I said.
- No worries, you can tell me what happened when I come back.
- Okay.
He walked away and I started the movie. Michael and Laura sat in the corner of the couch, hugging each other and whispering unhearable things. I looked at the table and saw James IPhone. I picked it up, picked in his code and started to look on his pictures. I saw a lots of pictures on me which made me very happy, and of course some pictures of his family and his football team. While I was looking at the pictures he got a text from some girl named Linda. I got curious and looked at the text, *Hi bby, miss u. Plz text me soon !<3 xoxo* I felt how the rage, and sadness was coming. I started to read the rest of the texts and it just become more and more. How long has this really been going on ? I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me.

- Hi i’m back, what's happened? I was to stumb to answer.
-Hello, are you listening to me? You really look pale, are you okay? He looked worried, Michael and Laura was now paying attention to us. 
- Becca, what’s wrong? I could hear the worry in Laura’s voice. She started to untangle herself from Michael and move next to me when my rage explode.

- HOW COULD YOU !? YOU'RE A MONSTER !!!  He looked at me with does eye’s that I used to love.
- I loved you and this is what i get ! I showed him his phone with the text and could see how he tried to say something but the only thing coming out from his mouth was a smothered sound. I was standing up and the tears was now dripping from my eye’s. I heard how he desperately was trying to explain himself but I refused to listen, I started to walk to the door out when he ran up to me.
- Becca I really love you and I was stupid. I never wanted something to happened with her and I know it’s really wrong of me to do this to you and I promise I'm going to break the contact with her and I only will be yours !
I looked at him, trying to see the old James that I fell in love with, but he was all gone. All I saw was a big, rutten jerk.
He was now holding my hands and I could feel his strong muscles tighten around them. 
- Please don’t go, I need you to be alive. I snatched back my hands and punched him in the face. Laura was screaming and I could hear how Michael runned over to help James. James was bleeding out of his nose, but he didn't look angry. 
- I really deserved that, he said. We were all gathered in the lounge now, I tooked my jacket and walked out from the house, from my life and from them. 



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