The magical exchange

This is for the one week at Hogwarts competition.

The whole class took in a breath as one. Had we heard right?
"Yes, that's right we will be participating in an exchange with Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry"

I turned to my best friend and in unison we screamed We were going to hogwarts!!!!

will have all canon couples i prefer it that way. Set in the year after the war as if the trio all went back to school and are in ginny's year.


1. The news

The day started off as any other, arriving at school early and spending my time in the library waiting for my best friend Lucy. Me and Lucy are what you’d call the geeks of our school which is quite a hard title to gain because we go to a prestigious boarding school Lucy get named the geeks for some reason. That’s the other thing, I and Lucy are huge Potterheads, and we’ve read each of the books at least 10 times and watched the films so many times I’ve forgotten. I’d originally read the stories when I was 9 and was so enraptured by them that I sat along with Lucy on my 11th birthday by the window waiting for an owl to show up.

Unfortunately it didn’t nor did one show up on Lucy’s birthday but little did we know that today would be the day we’d dreamed of our entire lives.

As the bell rang for registration Lucy rushed in and I rolled my eyes her hair was a mess and she looked like she’d run backwards through numerous hedges on her way here.

Lucy walked beside me managing to get out between gasping breaths “Had… to… walk… the… blonde… devil… to school.”

I nodded understandingly to her and pulled out a hairbrush and hair bands I keep on me for emergencies. Lucy’s little brother was 10 years younger than her at 7 and we called him the blonde devil- he was the only one in her family with blonde hair and he was literally the devil incarnate.

We reached our form room and took seats at the back just as the rest of the class rushed in talking loudly and yelling across the classroom. I and Lucy rolled our eyes in unison and I turned back to her hair as she ate breakfast.

I had her brown shoulder length straight hair back to its normal impeccable state and had taken a book out ignoring the noise created by the rest of the class before the teacher even walked in the room, but when the teacher came in she wasn’t on her own.

Instead she had the head of the school with her and half the class sat there in shock whilst the other half, including me and Lucy, stood up as was the custom in our school when teachers walked in the room.

“Thank you year 13” The head teacher Mr. Smith said motioning for us to sit down

As one we all sat and waited for Mr. Smith to speak, he barely ever stepped out of his office so for him to visit us something serious must have happened, though whether it was good or bad was debatable.

“Now as you are all aware this is your last year of education before you are considered adults in England and will go off either to University or work. Now as you are also aware you have many tests at the end of this year which are CRUCIAL TO LATER LIFE” Mr. Smith raised his voice at the end of his little speech and I rolled my eyes again, he used to be a drama teacher so now everything he did was melodramatic.

“So as a treat the school have arranged for your class to go on a weeklong trip to Scotland, more specifically Hogwarts” My head snapped up as did Lucy’s and we stared open mouthed at Mr. Smith, I took a quick glance around the class and noticed that nearly everyone wasn’t paying attention.

I turned to Lucy and saw her with an identical expression on her face; we took a deep breath and screamed

“Oh my wizard god!” I yelled

“We’re going to Hogwarts!” Lucy finished

That earned the attention of the rest of the class as they turned to the teachers to check if it was true or not and at the simple nod they gave in reply the entire class groaned.

“But sir, you know these two are the biggest harry potter fans known to man” One boy complained

“They won’t shut up for the entire week” another said.

“No complaints, its happening” Mr. Smith said firmly “here is a letter to take to your parents for them to sign and a list of what you will need to bring.”

Our form teacher Mrs. Winter passed out a letter and a three sheet list of stuff to bring. I turned through the list and when I reached the bottom my head and hand shot up.

“Sir why does it say we need a masquerade costume?” I asked

“Well observed Asha, now the witches and wizards will be hosting a ball in your honour on the day you leave, it will be masquerade themed so I expect you all to have costumes though any magical friends you make can help you with adjustments” Mr. Smith said

The bell rang but no one moved, most of us were in shock.

“You leave in 2 weeks time, have fun” Mr. Smith said before walking out of the room.

“Go on now or you’ll be late for first lesson” Mrs. Winter said and then the rest of the class stood and rushed out of the room. I and Lucy walked at a much slower pace; our ancient history teacher was always late and he let us talk and eat in class.

“Can you believe it Hogwarts is REAL!” Lucy shouted dancing around the quad as we walked towards the humanities canter. “I told you it was real, I told you” She said still doing her happy dance making her look ridiculous.

Lucy was the more outgoing of the 2 of us, much more hyper and much louder. I preferred to be quiet and unseen unless I was in debate or music.

I grabbed Lucy’s arm and hauled her towards history which she and I spent the entire time talking about what costumes we wanted for the ball. It was a little known fact in our year that as well as being very clever I was good at art, music and textiles. I could tell that by tomorrow I would have a huge pile of requests waiting for me asking for dresses and costumes to be made.

People always paid me for my work but it was time consuming and judging by the detailed explanation Lucy was giving me of her dress, I wouldn’t have time to make anyone else's. Lucy wasn’t normally this girly but she’d been dreaming of going to Hogwarts as had I since she had read the books and now we had our chance.



* * *


 By the end of the day true to my earlier explanations I had 16 requests for costumes not including my own costume and Lucy’s and had been promised a total of roughly £4,800 since everyone was paying me £300 each. Luckily we had also been given no homework as I rushed out of school when the bell rang at 3pm and dragged Lucy to the fabric shop.

“Why are we here again?” Lucy complained

“Because I have 16 costume requests and you can’t make a costume without fabric!” I almost screamed in reply desperately wanting to pull my hair out. As I dragged her through the door. I found a chair and pushed Lucy down into it “Stay” I ordered as I rushed up to the counter.

“Mary” I yelled and the shop owner came running out; an elderly woman but she knew her shop inside out and I’d made great friends with her in the years.

I placed the design sketches I’d drawn up during ethics on the counter “Help” I pleaded. Mary took one look at the designs and rolled her eyes,

“What is that idiot school hosting this time?” she asked

“A masquerade ball” I answered. Mary rolled her eyes again and picked up all the male designs.

“I’ll find the fabrics for these you find the fabrics for those. Please tell me your making them pay properly for this” She said as she made her way to the racks of fabric at the back of the room and began drawing rolls out and placing them on the huge cutting desk.

“Of course, what do you take me for” I said as I headed for the trims section of the shop and began pulling lengths of ribbon, lace and beading from the shelves.

It took us the best part of an hour but eventually we had bagged up all of the fabric with a bag per outfit and Mary rang up the cost, using her workers discount as she usually did.

“£389.97 exactly” Mary announced as I handed my credit card to swipe and gave half the bags to Lucy.

“Thanks Mary! “ I yelled as I and Lucy walked out of the shop round the corner to my house. We burst in the door ignoring my mum’s greetings and ran upstairs to my bedroom placing the bags down with a loud sigh.

“Thank Rowling” Lucy said “I was beginning to lose circulation in my hand”

“Yeah well by tomorrow I won’t be able to use my hands! I have an essay to write for English on my 3 favourite books from the summer reading list, a test in German to prepare for and 18 costumes to make!” I said as I shoved Lucy out of the door and down the stairs.

“Oh, bye bye then” Lucy said as we reached the door. She wrenched it open and skipped off down the lane back to her house. I don’t honestly know how we remained friends. I closed the door and raced back up to my bedroom. Determined to finish my homework and get at least 2 costumes finished.


*  *  *


Over the next two weeks all I could remember was a whirlwind of sewing and some very late nights but finally we reached the day before we were going to Hogwarts. Lucy was staying over mine that night as I added the finishing touches to her costume and packed as I hadn’t had time to before.

By the end of the night I had 3 suitcases, one that had only my costume in another for clothes and the final for books and all sorts of other things. It was 2am before we got to sleep and we had to be at school for 6 the next morning as we were expected at Hogwarts at 3pm when their school finished for the day.

It would take roughly 9 hours to get there and I knew it would be a long trip with a bus load of year 13’s.

That night I didn’t dream peacefully however, instead I was plagued by dreams of what our time at Hogwarts would be like, dangerous? Or fun? We wouldn’t know until we got there.

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