If I'm Louder... Would You See Me?

Raven and Lennox are best friends.Harry, Niall, and the other boys in One Direction are friends with Raven and Lennox.
While Harry and Lennox constantly fight deep down Lennox knows she loves him, but Harry is too oblivious to see.
Raven has always wanted to tell Niall how much she loves him she just doesn't know how.
Will they end up together or will they fall apart?
Read more to find out...


1. Is That a Challenge?


"Idiot!" I yelled.

"Moron!" He screamed back.

Yes, once again we have gotten into an arguement. My name is Lennox Munnweiler. Yes, my last name is extremely awkward and this dunderhead is my worst enemy, Harry Styles. he is the all-time flirt from the British boy band, One Direction. Wait... British/Irish boy band. My bestfriend Raven Blackheart would never let me forget it. Aside from me, her awesome, adorable, talented best friend, Niall Horan is also her bestfriend. They've known each other for the longest time and if it wasn't for Raven's stubborness she would be dating him by now. She could tell you more about her true feelings while i rant about Niall's extremely annoying bandmate, Harry.  

He is so annoying and treats me like crap! i don't remember how our fights start, but we never finish.

I rolled my eyes at his obliviousness, "No, you idiot. Demi Lovato has better vocals than Selena Gomez! She's good but Demi is better!"

Harry sighed from his seat across the couch. We were at Niall's house because Raven wanted food from Mrs. Horan. "Then why hasn't Demi performed anywhere lately?!"

"She's on X Factor!" I yelled at his face. I just had to tag along! I gave him and evil glare which he returned. This shows he's given up. Haha! I win!

"Have you two stopped fighting yet?" Raven poked her head through the kitchen door. "I kind of want to eat in peace."

I stuck my tongue out at her. "We have to have food to eat it peacefully first Raven."

Raven gave me her death look, "well then, we have to get you two wedding rings. You fight like an old, married couple." A smirk became plastered on her face.

I felt a burning sensation rise to my cheeks and I glanced over at Harry. his face was beet red with his arms crossed over his chest. Why is he nervous?  I bit my lip and picked up the remote on the coffee table in front of me. I turned the show to Spongebob Squarepants.

"Really? Spongebob? What are you nine?" Harry insulted. "Oh wait... You are!" I gaev him an are-you-stupid look.

"Really? Your face? What are you? Ugly? Oh wait..." I chuckled. "You are!"

"You're really asking for it, aren't you?!" Harry got up from his seat and stalked over to me.

I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of winning so I stood up too. "Is that a challenge, Styles?" I moved towards him and tried to get up in his face. I am really short so it wasn't working as I had planned.

He leaned his head down. His attention was completely focused on me. "Bring it Munnweiler." He whispered.

I sneered. I hated my last name, it was so awkward. "Suck it, grandpa." I made fun of his reputation because he was pushig me over the edge, when he knows not to mess with me.

Harry's head leaned closer to mine. I got a clear view of his hate-filled eyes. He was clearly searching for that same hate within mine. I hope he saw my fiery passion for his sudden death.

But no.

I didn't see the hate anymore.

Harry's eyes softened like he was tired. Why? He turned away and sat back on his seat.

Whatever. I don't understand this kid.




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