Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


6. This is a mans world

we where sitting in the back stage room. Most of the bands had gone but same had stayed like Leeon's band and the band that the boy with the Ashy blond hair had stayed.

"I think me and Kenna are gonna go" said Becky getting up from the ground

"I might go with you" chimed in Vicky"

"Okay" i said getting a fag out of my pocket "come to me tomorrow for your half of the money i cant be bothered to beal it out now" i lit my fag and took a pull as they got there stuff together i turned to Kali "do you wanna go too" i asked

"are you"

"nah i like basking in the glory" she smile

"I'll stay here then" she said. Just then Leeon pocked his head through the door

"Ezza" he called and motioned for me to come with him.


Kali's P.O.V

"Back in a minuet" Erin said  and followed Leeon through the door i know that they have something i have court Leeon looking at her in that was boys do when they want something. It sounds like Becky and Erin have Nick names, Bex and Ezza. What would i call myself? Kazz? no. K-k-a-a Kat! there Kat i like that I'll call myself Kat. just the i saw that i was alone in the room i look around and saw the Boy with Ashy blond hair smokeing a fag and looking at me

"Can i help you" i asked. he was amazingly good looking. his blond hair came over one eye in a fringe. he smiled and stood up. i could now see how tall he is and how muscular.

"Maybe you can" he said walking to me. feeling a bit intimidated by his beauty i got up "whats your name" he said come very close to me 

"K-Kat" i murmured he smiled and came even closer to me so we where nearly touching. he took another pull of his fag. most of the time i hate it when people smoke its bad when Erin does it but he looked oddly sexy when he smoked

"I'm Jaxon" he said flicking his fag away

"is that your real name?" i asked. he giggled a little

"is yours?" he said back and placed his hands on my wast, pulling me to him. I did not know what to do. This had never happened to me before most of my brain was shouting at me to stop and push him away but there was a little voice that said "do it you only live once."8

"Oh fuck it" i said and quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to kiss him. Instantly his hands slide down to my bum and i jumped up and wrapped my leg around his wast he walked over to the table that was in the corner of the room. he sat me down on it and started kissing my neck. i was becoming such a rebel i don't even know this guy and i'm making out with him.


Erin P.O.V

"Leeon what do you want" i said after he lead me to the other stage room they had. he went over to his bag that had bean dumped on the floor and started looking through it

"I just wanted to say that your band is really good" he said

"is that it your very good at wasting my time are you not" just then i herd the clink of bottles in his bag "what you got in there?" i asked 

"Err vodka beer some other things" he said holding up a five hundred ml bottle of vodka

"hu can i bye some off you?"

"yeah sure fore quid for this" i gave him the money and took the bottle that he past me. i took the lip of and chugged about 5 gulps down. the burning sensation was amazing.

"wow" said Leeon "you drink it like it's water"

"I drank a lot when i was in depression" i said shrugging and taking another gulp

"you suffered from depression" he said taking his own bottle of vodka out and taking a few gulps. 

"yeah" i sighed "and i found that playing the guitar was a good was of letting out my anger. my father tort me before he died and since then i played because it has a connection with him, when i play i feel him with me. thats why when you see me play I'll have my eyes closed coz it helps me consentrate on him and not whats going on around me" why was i telling him all this, it must be the alcohol. ironically when i came to this conclusion i took another swig of the clear liquid. it ran through my veins like fire and already i was feeling light headed.


Kalis P.O.V

Jaxon's lips where soft but he did not kiss me softly. he had me pined to the wall and was pressed so hard to me at some points it was hard to breath. we had moved from the little table so the leather sofa next to it and now we where up against the wall. i had to make sure he went no further that making out because i did not want to lose my virginity in a stuffy old room that smiled of smoke and alcohol. but i have to say he new what he was doing and he did it well. I was in total heaven even though i new this was not love. All it was was lust but for the time being i did not care, how could i when i could feel Jaxon lip and hands caress my body.


Erins P.O.V

Okay i think now I'm Pissed. Me and Leeon had finished out Vodka and had moved on too beer. we where sitting on the floor of the big room and laughing uncontrollably at something i cant remember what it was

"so tell me about your self how did you become the great Leeon" i asked taking a pull of my fag

"i'm hardly great" he said taking a swig of beer

"oh come on I've herd you sing your good better than me"

"well when i was ten i found that i was good at singing but it was only when i was 15 and i started my band that i found my passion if you like for rock music. I can also play the guitar" he said and tried to take my guitar that i had on my lap but i smacked his hand away

"oh no you don't know one but me plays this guitar"

"oh come on" he said trying to take it again bit i move it out of his reach

"trust me if you touch it all hell will brake lose" i got up and put it back in its case

"why can't i play it" he asked and got up off the floor

"because that guitar was my dads and before he died i promised him i would take good care of it so i don't wanna risk it by letting some one else play it. and i have also learnt not to trust boys" he look at me with a cute half smile "what?" i asked

"come here" he motioned for me to come closer to him. Sort of guessing what would happen next i walked up to him. he slipped his arms around my wast and pulled me closer to him. I looked up at him and he slowly leaned forward  i went up on my tip toe to meet his kiss it tasted of smoke and alcohol but i did not care. he kissed me softly and then pulled away. We look at each other and then started laughing i don't really know why but we did i pulled away from him still laughing and grabbed my bottle of beer

"oh come on Kali's probably wandering where i am i wonder what shes bean doing the past how ever long its bean" we stumbled through the corridor to the other room and burst in but it was empty

"Kali!" i called

"over hear" she called. she was on the leather sofa with the Ashy blond boy draped over her kissing her neck. Me and Leeon stared at her

"you okay there?" i asked 

"never better" she said as the boy climbed off her held out his hand to me

"Jaxon" he said i shook his hand

"nice to meet you" i said Kali came up next to Jaxon with a sheepish smile and slipped a little peace of paper in his pocked probably her number 

"i have to go" she said and she walked over to me 

"I'll see you soon yeah" he said and she gave a little nod 

"oh i'm going home" i said turning to get my bag "come on Kali its late we should all go".



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