Fallen Gods

The ancient civilization of man from the Aztecs to the Romans, The Celts to the Ancient Egyptians...They had one thing in common...They believed in the Divine Pantheon. Under many guises the Pantheon was always there. The Pantheon comprised of all the ancient gods, many familiar faces throughout the many religions, but that was how they stayed safe never being explored or investigated into for they were spread apart and never found in large numbers in one religion. They preferred it that way, but as the ancient civilizations of man died out, The Pantheon grew weaker and eventually fell.Under a new rule, a new god, The One God. Earth continues to thrive, this god is known by many names,many faces. But the Divine Pantheon are rising, Their powers held safe by their ancestors...the ancestors that know nothing about them,a secret that should never be told...but as their powers grow will they all survive and reform the pantheon?


1. The Part of Much importance.


 Dear Reader

It has been brought to my attention that the gods are not "accurate and whole" throughout this book and that "they need to amended" I tell you now that these are perfectly accurate renditions of the gods. For the gods are part of a religion, a faith, to be believed in and perceived in any way one wishes. It is my right to an opinion and a belief and my responsibility to accept others beliefs. That is why in no way do I disregard any god or religion in this story, The one god is not evil, he is just wrong in the eyes of the divine pantheon and their ancestors. It is not my opinion nor is it a reflection on the opinion of others I know, It is a story to be enjoyed!

Next I would like to thank the gods themselves, in case they do exist still today, for providing me with the inspiration to write this book.

I think that sums everything up. 

Oh! and one more thing you may find this book a little jumpy. It will flick between the lives of our heroes today and the lives of their godly counterparts in times gone past. Feel free to simply skip the parts about the gods life and refer to them later,but be warned you may get a bit confused when I reference something aforementioned  in a past chapter.

Goodbye and good luck, For the road ahead be long and the journey there be dangerous, go on dear reader and listen to the tales of the fallen heroes...

Aidan West

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