In the Sky

Chapter 3 from chapter 2 Entry #1


1. Chapter 3 from Entry #1

Izalla ran for as long as she could. She ran for hours. When she finally caught her breathe she didn't see the guard anymore chasing her. Actually he had stopped about half a mile after the train station. But running kept her mind off of everything. It kept her from thinking about the train, the blackout in the sky, her and dad most importantly the cloud the hoovered over her head. 

Once she forgot about it it stopped raining and storming on her. Her emotions were neutral and so was the cloud. But the sun was slowly going down and the cloud never left. She went to sleep but was soon waken up by what felt like she was having tiny balls thrown at her from above. She had a dream of her father leaving her and the pain she felt that he had forgotten about her. She was all alone and she needed him. She couldn't stand being alone and hoped that he would somehow find her and save her from the fear she was having. She had this cloud that felt her every emotion. That was why it was hailing on her. She felt pain so brought her more pain. 

She had to keep her emotions in tact. It was the means of her survival. She couldn't think of her father or anyone else but Controlling herself. She had no idea what would happen to anybody else who came really close and under her cloud. She wondered the area. This place was very new to her. It was the rough part of the country. She was not sure exactly where she was now or how she could get back to the train station but she knew that guard was there and going back was not an option anymore for her. 

She decided to test her powers. she was the who turned off the light in the sky right? Well she wanted to know how she did it. She went back to how she felt at that moment. Darkness. loneliness. confusion. So much that she couldn't' even pick one. So she just walked opposite the direction of the train station. She watched each step she took just so she couldn't have to look up at that cloud. Was it always there? If not then why did it all of a sudden appear. 

She came to a house that was literally miles and hours away from any contact from humanity. It was not abandoned by the way it look. It was nice and cleaned and the garden in the front yard was wet. It had defiantly not rained around here. It doesn't look like it does. But i was starving and i needed help/ I wasn't going to survive much longer without help. 

I took a deep breath and came up to the door. i did three "knocks" and a woman answered. The woman looked sweet and harmless. She had long grey hair and wore a yellow dress. She didn't know what to say. She froze. The woman took one look up to sky and i joined her eyes. There wasn't one cloud but two now. 

The woman smiled and spoke, "Your father told me you were coming." The woman opened the door and went off into her house. She stood at the doorway. "Ahh please come in and join me." The woman spoke and i joined her inside her little house in the middle of nowhere. 

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