Changing Perceptions

We are always changing; the way we look, the way we look at things, the way we think and the way we think about others.
This a story to add context to the message i am so desperately trying to show.


1. Changing Perceptions


Changing Perceptions

Precious as a little child
Women in the park stop to 
Adore her soft ringlets and
Beaming face.
Sweet as a schoolgirl
Old relatives in their chairs 
Praise her miraculous growth and
Ever brighter smile.
Pretty as a prom queen
Persistent boys in slick tuxedos 
Lust after her peach skin and 
Care-free laugh.
Vulnerable as a wannabe 
Someone with misplaced trust forcefully
 Steals her childhood and 
Unblemished innocence.
Cautious as an adolescent 
Only few in her circle
 Notice her sullen cheeks and
Tired eyes.
Distant as an adult 
No-one in her life to 
Hear her lonely cries and 
fading hopes.
Confused as an outsider
The liquid swirling in a glass momentarily 
Heals her fragmented mind and 
Broken heart.
Silent as a corpse
Everyone in their black attire
Remembers her personal influence and 
Suicidal tendency
What changed the girl 
They once knew.


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