The Witch and the Writer

Fifteen year old, Virginia Church wants to be a journalist. She entered herself into a writing competition at her school for the chance to spend one week at a nearby "private" school to report on her time there. She needs an interesting story to take home with her. This could be the chance of a lifetime.


1. November 4th, 1974


8:00 am, November 4th, 1974


I've read through this packet at least ten times and I still think they're joking. Magic? I wasn't born yesterday. This is probably some sick joke one of the seniors put on to mess with me. My name is Virginia Church, and I'm going to be a journalist. I won a writing competition for my school and got the chance to enter an exchange program with a large school up north called Hogwarts. I'm going to write what I see, and then send this diary to all of the local news stations as part of my resume. I a going to graduate, soon. I have to get my credentials.

The school is only assessable by train, which is quite odd. Anyway, I won't let that bother me. We're pulling into the school's station, now. I'm so excited. I get to stay in one of the rooms, sit in for classes, and go on a trip with the students to a funny little alley.

Through my window I see a carriage waiting for me. It pulled up without an animal pulling it. What's going on here?...


9:30 am, November 4th, 1974


The packet was not joking. I am at a school for magic. I know how insane this must sound, but I've hardly been here an hour and I've already seen some unexplainable occurrences. The pictures move in their frames and the staircases change destinations! The Great Hall is gorgeous, with lengthy rows of tables that would fit ore than a hundred people and candles that float on their own. I've tried to find the strings they must be attached to, but they don't seem to exist.

The ceiling appears to be a dark starry night. The stars appear to be little lights and it doesn't seem to be painted. I've met with the headmaster, a Mr. Dippet. He's a whimsical man, though he seems to be hiding things from me.

I've been assigned a bed in one of the rooms in the Gryffindor hall. They also assigned me a girl to show me around and make sure I don't get lost. Her name is Lily. She has dark red hair and remarkably green eyes. She seems very sweet and willing to help me. She's followed often by a group of boys who seem rather thick, the leader with messy hair and a thin face. One of them won't stop staring at me, as if I'm some sort of outsider. Which, I am, I suppose.

The first class starts soon. It's entitled, “History of Magic.” This place is just full of surprises.


11:30 am, November 4th, 1974


That was possibly the most boring two hours of my entire life. The most interesting part was the teacher, who was transparent. Lily claimed him to be a ghost. He spoke with a low droning voice. I like to think I'm adjusting well to this odd place, but I almost want to go home. This is too much weird for me.


4:30 pm, November 4th, 1974


The rest of the classes were much more interesting. Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. I asked Lily what they meant by “dark arts” and she said that there are witches and wizards who turn evil, just as muggles (Their term for non-magical folk.) would. Only, obviously, they are much more dangerous.

Lily took me to the grounds and we sat under a tree after school. She told me about her past years and who she associates herself with. There are four groups of students, each with their own values; the Gryffindors, (Which Lily is.) the Hufflepuffs, the Ravenclaws, and the Slytherins. She told me she believed I would be a Ravenclaw.


A group of boys approached us today, the same that follow her often. One with dark curly hair stood in front of me to block my path. He asked me if I wanted to go to a little watering hole in the Alley when we go for something he called a “butterbeer.”


“Ease off, Sirius. You're with a different girl every week.” Lily said with a smile.


“Yes, but this week, I choose her.” He said, giving me a devious look.


Lily shrugged at me and I agreed, for professional purposes, of course.


“My offer still stands, as well, Lily.” The one with the thin face said as they all walked away.


“As does my answer.” Lily said. She then looked at me and mumbled, “If you ever see me on a date with Potter, please, just put me out of my misery.”

This is a whole new world.

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