College Boys

Marinea Anderson is the typical person at college, but she has a story of a million years, and all it has to do with is Niall Horan, the pop sensation in one direction. Her childhood is when it was all carefree, he was her best friend. it all changed when he decided to be famous and join one direction. now they are enemies. all she wants is for it to be better. all he wants is her to admit it. will this rivalry change?


1. Why is he back?!

I walk to my small red locker in the far corner only to be greated by my horrible rival. "Hey Marinea! How's the nerd life...?" He spats jerkingly in my face. "Ugg! Just shut up and get out of my face you stuck up know it all!" I say spinning around meeting him eye to eye. He was smirking noticeably. "Fine ill leave you alone for now, but I'll see you later" he says sarcastically and roamed off with his stupid fan girls and paparazzi. Why can't he learn he's never going to get to me like he used to. Iv grown a hard head and I'm not going to let a idiot hold me back again. :FLASHBACK: "Niall please do good!" I say as he walks into the tryout room of the xfactor. "I will! Cya later" he said. When he tried out I always knew he was going to get in. We were almost like siblings, best friends sense I we were ten or so. anyway, I was so happy for him to go, but I was breaking apart inside. I couldn't have him leave me, he was like all I had other than my school followers. Later that night he came and told me he got in. Then I never saw him for about two years. He came back to school and was stuck up and rude to me. :FLASHBACK END:  i have brown curly hair that goes down to my bum and is dip dyed aqua blue. It's a pain but its one of my features that made me popular when I first moved here in third grade. I stopped to hear the sound of my own breathe in the hall way. Then I noticed that the bell had rang and I was on my way to language arts, just to meet Niall in the hallway. "Great, mr.stupid stuck up wants another round of me, look just get away and get a life already" I said right off the bat but he did move or look he just crept walking and turned to the bathroom. I noticed a tear down his   Cheek when he was next to me. I stopped and though it over before getting a pass. He, Niall way crying. I mean crying! He was probably just trying to get more attention from me. Saying that every girl in the whole world knows about him and him stupid band. Why did he have to come back to collage and ruin my life, again? 

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