Forever With You

A love story with Niall and a girl,that girl isn't any girl its you! (Y/N) fell in love with an irish boy before he became famous,and they had strong and big relationship between them when he became famous and entered to a band known as One Direction, small problems grew bigger in there relationship but they have overcome them, but there is a big Problem waiting for them! Maybe they will end this love story or maybe they will forgive each other.......If you want to know what are these problems you can read this story but I still haven't finish it all yet, there are more chapters soon Don't Miss It!!
Enjoy :)


1. a car crash

(Y/N)'s P.O.V "The boys are really late, what's wrong with them?" I asked myself. Yeah. That's right. The are late. They have to attend an interview. I'll call Liam. "Hello, Liam" I said. Fast and worried. "Hey,(Y/N)" something sounded wrong. "What's wrong Liam?" I asked. Worried. "One direction had a car crash." He said. "What?!" Iasked. "Yeah. Louis and Niall are badly injured." He said. "Oh god Liam. I'm coming just tell me where are you." I said. " (Y/N). No need to worry" Liam said. "Liam just tell me where!" I said. Angrily. "Ok (Y/N)". He told me the address. I ran out to the car. Drove to the address at the speed of 120. When I arrived there. I saw Liam, Harry, Zayn outside. I guess Louis and Niall are inside. I parked my car near them and ran over their car. "Oh god." I said as I ran towards their car. Niall's forehead was bleeding and Louis' arm might be broken. "Why didn't you take them to the hospital?" I asked."The car isn't working" Harry answered. "Louis was driving? Isn't it?" I asked. "Yeah" Zayn answered. "Help me get them into my car" I asked the boys. "Where are we going?" Niall asked me. "To the hospital." I said. "No I don't want" He disagreed. "What do you mean? Look at your forehead!" I said. My voice's level increasing. "I wanna go home" He said. "If you wanna go home. I'll take you to mine." I said. "Ok that's much better." He replied. I asked Harry to come with us so he can stay with Louis at the hospital. After 10 minutes of driving I arrived to my home. I carefully lead Niall to my room. "Wait here. I'll be right back. I said. I went to bring the first aid box. "Niall lay down." I said. "Okay" He obeyed. "Ouch" Niall said as I wiped his injuries. "Niall you have to be patient." I said. After 30 minutes I found out that Niall had slept. "He looks like an angel" I said to my self. "What the hell am I saying?" I shook my head from the thoughts. When I was about to go. I realised that Niall have a tattoo on his hand. Written in Japanese. I really wanted to know what it means. I took out my phone and scanned it. I was really, really, really surprised when I found out that it means (Y/N). I should ask him. *The day after* I opened my eyes to find the beautiful blue orbs staring at me. "So you are sleeping on the chair while its your home?" He asked. Giggling. "Yeah. I should take care of you...... Btw Niall yesterday I found a tattoo written in Japanese on your left wrist. What does it mean?" I asked. His face became yellow then purple then yellow again. "It means YOLO" He said. "Oh. Cool" I said. "Yeah" he replied. Does it really mean YOLO or he's just lying? No. He's lying. Didn't you see his face changing colours (Y/N)? My thoughts were inter putted by a phone call from Liam. "Hello, (Y/N)" He said. "Hi, Liam... Is everything okay?" I asked. "Yeah (Y/N). No need to worry." He said. "Ok" I replied. "So how's Niall?" He asked. "He's fine. Right Niall?" I asked Niall. "Yeah!" He shouted to the phone. I giggled. " I just called to say that we're having a party that is in a club actually. And you and Niall are invited. So tell him. Yeah?" He explained. "Ok" I replied. I closed the phone. "So what did he tell you?" Niall asked me. " He told me that tonight we have a party....." I explained. "Oh good. Sounds fun." He said. "Yeah" I agreed. *later that night* "(Y/N)! Are you ready?" Niall shouted from the other room. "Yeah. Just one minute. I shouted back. I walked to the car with Niall. He drove. After 20 minutes of a drive that's full of jokes and laughter we arrived there. We drank about 20 minutes. " Harry dance with me?" I asked Harry. "Yeah sure" Niall's P.O.V (Y/N) and Harry went to the dance floor. They danced and danced. He had his hands all over her and her hands all over him. I have a crush on (Y/N) but I don't want to tell her. Even no one knows. Does he loves him? Its really disappointing. She can't do this to me. " I'm leaving" I said to Liam. Who was sitting beside me. "Why?" He asked. "A personal problem." I winked at him. Grabbed my things and walked away. *After 3 hours* Its been 3 hours of me crying now. I should call (Y/N). I should ask her. "Hello Niall" she said. "(Y/N) do you like Harry?" I asked. "Yeah. As a best friend. Like all of you..." She tried to explain. "Then. You didn't see how you were dancing with him?" I asked. "Niall, what's wrong?" I asked. "Do you want to know what's wrong?!.. The wrong is that while you were dancing with Harry. You had your hands all over him. And he had his hands all over you!" I shouted. "And why do you care? Are you my boyfriend or something?" She asked. Her voice's level increasing. " Do you know why I fucking care?... I care because I love you (Y/N). I love you." I said my voice teary. "What?!" She asked. "Yeah I do." I said and closed the phone. *the next day* (Y/N)'s P.O.V I got a text from Liam saying that we should meet in the studio. But I can't see Niall like that. I should find an excuse. But no there was no way u could escape. When I arrived there the boys greeted me. When it was Niall's turn. I stopped. He kept staring at me and I kept staring at him. Not knowing what to do. I could feel butterflies. What? BUTTERFLIES? No I couldn't love him too. I didn't know before. I should tell him. *Later that day* Louis went and bought food. We ate. I decided to tell Niall today. It was time to go home and I've got an idea. "Niall" I called Niall. "Yeah?" He answered. "Can we have a walk to the park?" I asked him. "Yeah sure" he replied *at the park* "Niall" "Yeah?" He replied. "Is it real?" I asked him. "What is real?" He asked me a bit confused. "The thing you said on the phone yesterday." I cleared. His face became red. "Yeah" he answered. "And that tattoo means (Y/N) right?" I asked. Knowing the answer. "Yeah" he giggled. "And Niall can I tell you something?" I asked him. "Yeah sure." He replied. " I feel the same too." I said shyly. "What?" He said. His face lit up. "Yeah" I said. "But (Y/N)" he said. "What?" I asked him. "Can we keep it a secret?" He asked. "Yeah sure, but why?" I asked him. Confused. "Because every one knows that my princess is still on her way. And it can't come that fast" he explained. "Oh... Okay" I said and smiled. _____________________
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