When It Comes To Love

One boy
One girl
He has his secrets
She has hers
But will they allow themselves to forget there past
To make new memories that will stay with them for the rest of there lives

It's abit like Dark, but...... Not?


1. Prologue

Meeting new people is always fun, right? Well what if I told you that person I met on the street... 

Wait that didnt sound right? No he is not homeless I met him on the street but anyway what if I told you he was dangerous? But in a daring way? Would you still think of it as I'm talking to strangers? But then again... How will you meet new people if you don't talk to strangers? 

What If. I said I had been seeing him more? 

You can't go one way, without wanting to know where the other way lead to ? You can't read a story without flipping through the pages and reading the blurb first can you? You want to know more, so you read on, in life, you want to know the person more, get to know them, well you ask and meet up,

"it'll be fun" I told myself 

Well I lied, but only to kid myself to be honest, I was scared of him, he had those green eyes, that could turn dark, at any moment, I was the innocent one, he was the dangerous one 

I suppose some of you are thinking  that's like mixing Nutella and marmite, it wouldn't come out nice 

but the other half of you are probably thinking that opposites attract or that light and dark will be exciting 

yeah I hope so.......


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