Who to choose?

Anna is 17 years old and shares an apartment in London with her best friend Emily. She has a really tough life and her boyfriend just broke up with her.
But what will haben wenn Anna and Emily goes on a trip to LA and meets the worlds hottest boyband One Direction? Will she fall in love again?
and what haben wenn more than 1 of the members of 1D confess their love for her?


1. Meet Anna and Emily


I´m 17 years old and i shares an arpartment with my best friend Emily in London. Emily and I have known eachother like 4-ever. My Boyfriend Cody just broke up with me. I had a really tough life. both my parents died in a car accident just a year after my brother died. He committed suicide... but not many knows that i don´t want anyone to feel sorry for me. Emily really helpt me thrue it. I´m just trying to live my life and enjoy every moments. Long and a little curly blond hair and green eyes.



I´m 17 years old and i live with my best friend Anna in an apartment in London. My boyfriend i called Adam he is my true love i think. Anna and I have known eachother since 1 grade. I have long brown and a little curly hair.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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