The shopKeeper


Being physically abused by her boyfriend, Lexi decided that enough was enough. She packed her bags and fled from her tormenting past to commence a new beginning. She vowed to her self that she would never let a man into her heart again. Though it doesn't help that the shop down the road was filled with handsome looking workers, including Michael Knight the owner of the shop.

Will Michael be her happy ever after? Or will it destroy Lexi even more?


1. The start



     One single tear was let free.  It had freedom, it's own right. It could vanish off the face of the earth in a heartbeat. 
Whereas, I was abused, beaten, raped and kept isolated.  I had to obey to every stinking rule he ever made, I had to go along with whatever he said or came up with. I wasn't me, I was like his own controlled little robot...His own toy that he could kick around whenever he wished.  

The start of our relationship was magical, there was not one thing he wouldn't have done for me. I thought of him as perfect. But I guess that's what he wanted, he built up trust just to smash it in to smithereens afterwards.  

Why me? I keep asking my self. Oh, I know why, because I was too in love, too naive and too damn stupid to even see that he was delusional.  It's all my fault and no one can save me but myself.

Suddenly the door burst open with so much force the house shook slightly.  He sauntered his way over to me with a smirk on his face. His eyes gleamed with so many promises and decisions  it made me sick to the stomach with fear.  His hand came down to fist a handful of my tattered hair. I whimpered in pain and alarm.

"Are you crying?" He asked softly. I shook my head.
"N-no Jake," I replied. His hand tightened around my hair, causing me to nearly shriek out in affliction. His eyes became darker telling me that he was becoming angrier.

"Don't lie to me." He said through gritted teeth. He then brought his hand back and slapped me across the face so hard my head whipped to the side. I shakily brought my hand up to cup my stinging and burning cheek.

"What do we say about bitches who lie eh?" He asked. 

"Bitches who lie get hurt." I said with as much confidence as I could muster. Why am I letting him do this to me? Why can't I be strong enough to hit him back, kill him, report him? Anything to get me out of this.  I was mentally screaming, my body was screaming. I had more cuts and bruises on my body than I did plain skin.  

"Good girl. Now go and make me dinner." He demanded. I hurriedly got up and scampered to the dirty, run down kitchen.  The counters were covered with filth and dust. The paint was flaking off the walls and the floor was like dry mud under my feet. I hated the feeling, but I had to live with it. I didn't have socks, that would be counted as a luxury. I didn't get luxuries.

I got the rice from out of the cupboard and poured it into a bowl. I then began to make the rice the best I could. It was exceptionally hard, the kitchen was like a bomb shell. And there wasn't many appliances either.  

When I finished making dinner, I laid everything out on the small table and stood beside it waiting for Jake. I knew better than to shout for him or tell him it's ready, he thinks I control him when I do that.  He likes to make his own decisions, on his own accord. 

After a couple more minutes of waiting, he finally emerged in just his jeans. I had to admit, he had a sexy body with his six pack and tanned skin. Girls would be falling onto their knees, kissing his feet thinking he was God with a body like that. But only I knew who he really was and what he was like underneath, and that was pretty ugly.

My parents died when I was 19 and left me with him. He was supposed to be my guardian angel, my parents trusted him to look after me, even though I was old enough to look after myself.  Brilliant chose mom and dad, absolutely brilliant, you left me with an abusive, mental maniac. I was happy at first, being left with someone as hot as Jake, I was even ecstatic when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Things just went down hill from there. I haven't been close to happy ever since. 

"What's this then cupcake?" He asked. I shuddered in disgust.  I hated him pet naming me, it only meant one thing. 

"Rice. It was the only thing in the cupboard." I replied quietly. His expression changed from soft to angry in less than a second.  I started trembling slightly. 

"Rice? Is that what you call a fucking dinner?! What are you trying to do, huh? Starve me? You want me to die? Is that what it is?" He shouted while making his way over to me and bellowed in my face. 

"There's nothing in the cupboards Jake," I whispered. Tears were pricking my eyes, but I refused to let them fall, it would only aggravate him more. 

"Bull shit!" He screamed. He punched me in the gut suddenly and then in the face. I collapsed to the floor in pain. I clutched my stomach and bit down on my lip preventing me from crying and screaming in pain. I wanted to numb the pain. I didn't want this anymore, I don't need this, I don't deserve this.  

I heard his feet stomp out of the kitchen. I breathed a sigh of relief, maybe he could leave me alone for just a second to recover.

My breath started to hitch when I realised he was making his way back over to me.  Suddenly I felt a sharp pain make its way up my hip to my back. I then felt the worst pain I have ever felt on the side of my head.  I opened my eyes slightly to see him hovering over me with a metal curtain rod in his hands. He was ready to hit me again. 

A tear fell out the corner of my eye. Fortunately, I began to see spots of darkness, I knew it was just a couple more seconds before I would be knocked out cold. Hopefully, I wouldn't wake up this time.


     I tried to open my eyes straight away. But it was near impossible, my eyes were heavy and my body was very sore.  Disappointment washed over me, I didn't want to wake up. 

I tried to move, I really tried. But I was in so much pain. And I was as stiff as a board.   I lifted my aching arm and took off the duvet slowly.  I realised I was in the bed, he must have brought me in here while I  was unconscious. I hated the fact that he could touch me, he could do pretty much anything when I was vulnerable and unconscious and that just scared me even more.  I knew I had to do something. I can't keep living like this, the beatings are going to get worse, he may even end up killing me.  However much I wanted that, I just don't think it's my time yet.

I knew what I had to do. I had to leave, I had to come up with a master plan and leave this place. 

With a new feeling of confidence, I  flopped my leg out of the covers, grabbed the end of the bed and hauled myself out of the hard, cold bed. I hated the bed, it never did any wonders to the aches and pains I would receive throughout my body.  In fact, I hated everything about the house, all the bad memories are kept in this house. I despised it with an absolute burning passion. 

I dragged my self to the bedroom door, stumbling a few times and groaning in pain.   I shakily opened it and looked down the hallway for any signs of Jake. I then pulled myself into the kitchen. That's where I saw a note, usually, when Jake went out, he would leave a note in the kitchen telling me where he went. He would lock up the windows, the doors and block any other place that would give me the chance to leave. I had no chance of getting out.  

I crumpled up the note and made my way to the front door. I tried to open the door, but it was no use, it just wouldn't open.  I hauled my self into the living room and got the metal curtain rod which was standing up against the wall. Firstly,  I examined it. Thankfully it didn't have any of my blood on it. 

I took the metal rod to the front door. I then began to smash the door with the metal rod, hoping it would break. I mean, it was a run down house, why would the door be the strongest thing in the house? Not even the walls were strong.  With trembling hands, I kept on pounding the door with the rod. Sweat was forming on my head and my arms began to ache mildly.

Suddenly, the rod went straight through the front door. Light shone brightly from the outside and made its way inside, blinding me slightly. I hadn't seen light for almost a year, it was like all my Christmas' packed up in one. It was like heaven on the other side of the door. And I needed to get there, I just had to.

I threw down the rod and quickly began to break the rest of the door with my fingers. The door was surprisingly thin and pretty easy to shatter.  

I then heard a noise from outside the door. It sounded like foot steps making its way closer to the door. I quickly moved out of the way and held my breath. My heart began pounding harder and harder. It was him, he was going to catch me.

 The footsteps became louder, they were coming closer. I closed my eyes tightly.  Suddenly, the footsteps stopped outside the door. 

"Good God, please no." I whispered to myself. If anyone could here my quiet plea. 

I then heard shuffling and the footsteps becoming quieter the more they moved on. When everything was noiseless, I let out a sigh of relief. I wiped the sweat of fear off my forehead and began breaking down the door again. 

When the hole was big enough, I crawled through it quietly. I checked to see if Jakes car was gone, fortunately, it was. The house was in sort of a forest, away from the city. But people could still get access to it, it was quite easy to find.

I stood up straighter and suddenly heard a car coming towards the house. In a complete panic, I quickly took off as fast as I could with the amount of pain I was in. I saw a humongous bush and decided to run behind it.  The headlights shone to the right side of me. Before the headlights shone on to me, I jumped into the bush. The branches pinched and pierced themselves lightly into my delicate skin. But it was nothing to me now. 

I heard the car come to a stop and the sound of breaks. I then heard the sound of footsteps hitting the gravelled drive and the bang of the doors closing forcefully. I stayed where I was, hidden in the bush. I held my breath again, hoping I wouldn't move even the slightest inch.

"What the fuck? Lexi!" He shouted.

"Lexi where are you? Get out here!" He yelled in to the house.  I took a deep breath.  I heard his muffled voice from inside the house, then I heard his running footsteps make their way to the front door again.

"I will find you Lexi! I will find you!" He shouted into the air before going back into his car and driving off. He reversed with so much speed, the dust from the gravel soared into the air. I coughed suddenly when some made their way into my lungs. 

I got up and dusted my self down quickly before sprinting off through the forest again.  I would constantly look behind me, thinking he would be there, ready to catch me.  But for the first time, I felt alive and free ...I felt like me, the old me. I loved how the wind flapped through my hair, how the trees looked dazed when I sped through the forest and how the mud felt under neath my bare feet. The twigs would dig into the skin on my feet, but I couldn't feel anything. I was finally numb, I was finally happy. 




THANKYOU AND GOOD NIGHT..or morning, you know, whatever;) 

-liv x

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