my best friend

Dillon spearing is a youtube singer who deletes his videos because he wants to start over but he always makes time for his fans


3. the meet

Dillons POV

we arrived at the meet and straight up i saw bella she looked so gorgeous in her blue midlength flowy dress i said hi to her she said hey then gave taaleasha a hug she is amazing i hope she feels the same


Bella's POV

omg dillon spoke to me he is so hot, sweet and talented but he would never like me he is perfect and im not oh well ill find out because im having a sleepover at my friends house she is best friends with dillon but she doesn't know i like him god i wish he was my boyfriend he is amazing and i love him but does he feel the same


Dillon's POV

we spent 3 hours at the meet but then taaleasha and bella left so they could get home in time so matty and i decided i would stay at his house tonight and have a movie and gaming  marathon and then later we will go over to taaleasha's after she shouts out yes or no i cant wait



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