I will do anything to be with you.

Harry Styles has been dreaming about this girl for 5 weeks now and he cant get her off his mind. One day he runs into her an it starts from there. He found the girl of his dreams!<3 when Harry and her break up Harry does everything he can to get her back.


1. I Met my Dream Girl

  Harry's POV

  "Harry?"she said in her angelic voice." Yes love."i replied "i love you." She told me "i love you too" i told her. "Wake up Harry"Louis shouted in my ear. I got up and just sat there thinking about that girl"Harry get up we have a interview today in a hour." I got out of bed and went to take a shower and put some clothes on. I ran down stairs to see no one in the house. I looked outside and saw the boys waiting for me in the car i went out and shut the door behind me."Finally!" Niall said "what took you so long?" Louis added "sorry i was just thinking about something." I said "about what" louis said "a girl" i replied to him. "What girl" " Ive been dreaming about this girl but i don't know anything about her." We finally arrived at the interview with fans all over the place. 

  We all got out of the car signed some auto graphs and walked in we were greeted by the interviewer" hello I'm Kate and i will be interviewing you boys for the day. We talked about the tour and who was still single when Louis said"Harry has been dreaming about this girl and he is in love with her." I blush and give him a look" who is this girl?" The interviewer questioned " i don't know." I answered her. "Well thats all the time we have for today bye guys." She said while we were leaving me and Niall went to go get some Starbucks to think.

  Ariana's POV

  I went to go get Starbucks with Sarah. While i was walking i bumped into someone"Sorry i didn't see where i was going." I said to the person "it's okay love" he replied i looked up and stared into his beautiful green eyes"Im Harry." He said "Im Ariana" beautiful name for a beautiful woman" i blushed  "thanks" i said in return "well i should be going" i told Harry " bye hope to see you soon Ariana." While me and Sarah where walking i just noticed that i bumped into Harry Styles! 

  Harry's POV

  I found her. The girl in my dreams she was so beautiful in person her name is Ariana. Well now i know something about her! When me and Niall walked into Starbucks i saw her sitting with some girl at a table she looked up and saw me she smiled i smiled back. Me and Niall went to sit when her friend came up to us. "Hi I'm Sarah I'm a huge fan and my friend is to so would you mind signing these for us?" " of course i would love to sign these for you." On one of them i wrote my number on the back with. Note to Ariana saying call me sometime. Niall went to go order the drinks and when he came back  he started talking to me " do you like that girl Ariana?" "Niall, shes the girl in my dreams" "Wow you finally met her." While we where walking out i started to get sad "Whats wrong Harry?" " i probably wont ever be able to see her again."

  Ariana's POV 

  When i got home i saw something written on the back of my poster it was Harry's number. I really wanted to see him again so i put his number in my phone and texted him . Me: hey Harry it's me Ariana;) seconds later i got a text from him Harry: hey love whats up?:) Me: nm you?! Harry: watching a movie with the boys. Me: cool!! Harry: would you like to go out on a date with my tomorrow night?;) Me: i would love to!;D Harry: Great! Well bye love i have to go ill text you later. Me: ok bye cant wait for tomorrow;3 Harry: me to bye:) Me: bye i went to go take a shower after that i went to sleep thinking about Harry.

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