"Hi my name is Taylor I have brown hair green eyes I sing and play soccer and yes I'm dating Harry styles. I first meet Harry in Starbucks he's sweet,cute and he sings what could go wrong right? But once I meet his bandmastes everything goes south.!


1. Starbucks

Taylor's P.O.V

                    I walk in there is people here and people there. I walk up to the cashier. "Can I have a cappuccino please"? 

"Yes". After I order I go look for a seat but they are all taken up them I spot him dark chocolate hair big ,big green eyes , cute little white smile 'Harry Styles '. He's waving me over " YOU CAN SIT HERE " He shouts. I walk over and sit down "Hi my name is Harry ". "Hi my name is Taylor you're in One direction right"?  He nods. I can't stop looking at those green eyes!

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