She's waiting for her counter to lead her to her soul-mate.


1. Paired

The rules we have are simple, you can have boyfriends, but once it's time, you are to go with your Soul mate and forget about them. It’s simple enough to follow--that is, if you aren't in love when your counter says it's time.

Normally you forget about the other guy with the excitement of finding the love of your life, the person you're programmed to love since the day of your birth. There are times, though, when there's a part in you that is reawakened. A part of you, where you feel everything for the first time when you're with the certain someone, that comes alive.

The counter on your wrist is the only thing that stands between you and your Soulmate. The only thing that has the power to give you true love, or take it away, in my case.

As soon as you find your match, you are to forget completely about any former flames and live out your life with the person you are meant to be with.

When the counter strikes zero, you will be instantly drawn to the person you are to be with. No ifs, ands, or buts, the person you are drawn is your Soul mate.

It is said that in that moment, you forget about the past. You get a clean slate to start on. Anything and everything you liked before has no guarantee of staying with you, and anything you have may be taken from you without you realizing it.

Should you be found with a former flame or anyone other than your Soul mate, you are considered an Illegitimate.

Illegitimates are exiled and are forbidden from love, period. They are considered home-wreckers, the lowest of the low.


Matthew and I eyed each other from opposite corners of the room; both knowing what was inevitably going to happen in the next 5 minutes. The day seemed like any other, except for the fact that in a few minutes, everything would change forever for me. For us.

Each tick of the clock felt like daggers through our hearts and each second made us want to closer. The counter showed there was one minute left until my Soul mate and I would meet, one minute left in our forbidden romance.

Once we met any memory of Matthew and I had to be eradicated. Any traces of a continued romance could mean the difference between getting a wedding ceremony and being thrown out to the streets. To fend for yourself as an Illegitimate and to be considered an outcast for life.

I could tell by the glowing of my counter that the time was near. Looking around, trying to not look at Matthew for it would prove too painful. I was genuinely curious over who I was meant to be with. After all, what kind of girl would I be if I wasn’t at all curious over who I’d spend the rest of my life with?

The waiting was perpetual. The few minutes I had to wait felt like hours on end, and I couldn’t wait for this ordeal to be over with.

Caught up in my worries,I just barely began to feel a type of imaginary rope begin to pull me somewhere, like I was one half of a pair of magnets waiting to meet.

I took one last look at Matthew and immediately regretted it. I felt a thud against my arm and realized the time had come.

I was officially paired.

My heart hadn’t even slowed its beating down from the nerves when I heard someone calling my name, and even though in the back of my mind something tells me I should remember this person, or at least want to, I couldn’t.

It’s as if amnesia has taken over part of my brain. I can’t help but feel that there is someone that is keeping me from fully falling in love. A wedge, separating my unknown want from my reality, Jason.

I looked around the room taking in everything that had happened in that timespan when someone caught my eye. Then it hit me who it was.


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