Book two Nyancat and Butterman Adventures

wow hope you like it gets a little more serious now


1. The story of buttermans parents

He looked at her then said ' otay :3 '. So then they were off towards a new adventure she looked at him then said ' How did you get down here, She saw a tear role down his face then said ' Listen dont tell me if you dont want to i shouldnt have asked it was none of my buisness ' She wiped the tear off his face then he said ' No its time i told someone ' ' It was the time me and my people were heading towards eath ' my mother looked at father then said ' Honey we need to get our baby out of here ' He looked at her sadly then said ' Theres only one eascape pod ' The rainbow things came towards them. The jerry said 'okay but that means risking our own life ' He said with some tears coming out then nancy said ' Honey its time we did of baby is everything to us and you know it.If we have to risk of lifes than we can ' She said he looked at her in the eyes and said ' Honey...i know we must but...what about if he falls in love with one of them...' she looked at him and said ' Honey love is love we cant stop that from happening..' He looked at her than gave her a kiss she knew what it meant and grabbed the baby. Jerry said ' Honey ill fight them off you get him there ' She nodded then headed towards the escape pod. When she got there one of them showed up she screamed ' AHHHHHHH! ' Then kicked it out of the way put the baby in the pod then said ' My son i need you to move on without us i love you ' then gave him a quick kiss...The pod then went off. When the pod hit earth the flashback ended and butterman was quite and said ' Thoughs creatures took everything from me i would kill them if i could anyday i would in fact. The end of book 2

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