shy (all ages)

(True story) From the start of Secondary school I never really had much friends I was sad and all but I had to pull myself together I wasn't that much upset to do terrible things to my life. I was mostly (as you call it in my school office ) a medical conditions kid like mostly out of school for the hospital appointments and things like that because im Epileptic. But I have a great Family like a funny sister
and funny cousins.


1. Summer school

It all started in summer school, I was quite scared because I didn't know anybody except some of my old primary school friends. I knew at some point I would get lost because, don't get me wrong it's a big school and our uniform had to be pink and black, I mean come on even the toilets were pink, it's like the school is obsessed with pink. But for the couple days of summer school, we got to wear our own clothes and do really cool stuff like : Acting on a stage in drama and ALOT  of exercise in P.E. After about two days I still didn't make any friends so, I decided to stick with my old friends for a bit until I settle down, but they'd already made their own friends. When I finally got to music In my head I was like 'YES!',  I get to sing and do solo's and learn some stuff, but when we got started I was like  'what's this are they teaching me choir and gospel songs?' And I thought this was gonna be the most fun subject out of all the others. Thursday morning I got up, all ready to wear my cool, new clothes I got specially for summer school, then my mum told me I can't because of the carrying of the Olympic torch on the roads 5 mins away from where we live,  so I just stayed at home until it was time to go see the Olympic torch being carried through. It was so amazing! It was as golden the sun with hot, burning red, orange and yellow flames on it. Now that was the highlight of the day except when my sister got to hold it, I got so jealous.  

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