remember me?

A girl called Lilly is Louis best friend and she gets hit by a car one day and forgets him can Louis gain her trust again?


1. the accident

"Hey lou im going to ho to the shop okay?" I shouted up the stairs to Louis. He came running down the stairs and looks at me " alone?" He says and smiles. I look at him and laugh " yes alone im not four I'm 22 now so..." Louis laughed and then sayed "okay be careful you know I worry about you," I turned and walked out the door I walked to the shop and got the things I needed. As I was coming out the shop I realized that the roads were busy. I better be careful I thought Lou would worry I laughed to my self and walked in to the road I turned to see a car coming straight at me. The next thing I know is im in a house and this guy is staring at me  "Lilly are you ok?" Said the guy who is this guy I thought but then the words came out " who are you?" He stared at me like he was going to cry " I'm Louis your best friend remember? "  " Louis who ?" I asked

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