1. Harry and Beka

You were home alone while your boyfriend Harry wasa on tour with the boys. You had both headphones in and the music loud, you were reaching up to put a book on the self when you felt soneone wrap their arms around you, and you jumped going into nijia mood a bit when you relized it was Harry. "HARRY!" You yelled excitedd to see him.

"Hello beautiful." He said with a smile.

You hugged him again then gave him a kiss. "What are you doing here? Aren't you on tour?"

"I'm here to see you we have a week off, and therefor i decided to came see you and my mom." He says holding you closer.

"Aw your so sweet. I love you so much."

"I love you too." He said poking your cheeck the flashing his dimples at you. You srunched your nose and swated his hand away cause you didn't like it when people poked your face. You two walked up to the room to put his bags up. After he out his bags down he went over the bed and feel face first into it. "Are you okay babe?" You ask walking over to the bed. He nods his head then gets up off the bed.

"Yes I'm fine the plane just messed with my stomach that's all." He says with a reasuring smile.

"Okay. Come on lets go back downstairs and sit on the couch and watch T.V." You say dragging him with you.

You get downstairs and Harry sits first then you sit down beside him and cuddle. "Do you know who Marianas Trench are?" You ask looking up at him.

"No I don't think i do know who they are."

"Okay hang on let show you a song by them then." You say pulling out you IPhone. "Okay here watch this." You say playing Fallout by Marianas Trach. After about three minuets the song ends. "what did you think?"

"I like it. How did you find them?"

"Dustie showed them to me. Do you want to hear her favorite song by them?"

"Sure..." He says thinking abou tbeing it's Dustie. You go and find the sone Shake Tramp by them then play. He listen and when gets to the part you really don't like he laughs. "Thats great."

'I knew you would say that. Let's just watch some T.V." You say turning it on. You both pick something you both would like and you cuddle up against missing how it felt then he wraps a ar m around you. "I've missed you so much like you won't understand." You say taking his sent in.

"I've missed you too but i think i missed you a little more cause cuddling with Louis is different cause he snores and you don't." He says chuckling a bit.

"i cuddle with a teddy bear."

For the rest of the night you two cuddle, talk, and joke around with each other till you two fall asleep on each other.


Let me know what you guys think about this I'll wirte more stories later. xx

Or tell me who you want to have one with it can be from one direction or anyone you want. xx

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