The Truth Shall Set You Free

If there is someone in this story that is rude or mean, I just needed a person to fill that character. I have no issues with anyone on the Bieber Team.


1. Flashback

Elizabeth's POV
Justin just got off stage and I see him running towards me.
Justin: Elizabeth! hey baby! Did I do good?
I answered trying my best not to sound sad.
Elizabeth: *laughs slightly*  yeah you did great. 
Justin: thanks. *he smiled* are you okay?
Elizabeth: uhm actually I have to tell you something.
Justin : you can tell me anything, you know that Lizzie.
I smiled when he said the nickname he had given me two years ago when we first started dating. "There's no point in dragging it out. Just tell him straight forward." I said to myself
Elizabeth: Justin. I'm leaving. I can't stay here with you anymore. I know we've been through a lot, but I just can't do it anymore. I love you and I always will, but I have to move on.
"Yes Elizabeth. Way to tell him the truth....NOT!!! What were you thinking? You just broke his heart! Look at his eyes! Shit. No he looks so sad...look away!!!!!"
Justin: you what?
Elizabeth: Justin don't make me say it again please.
Justin: well when....and why?
Elizabeth: I already told you why.
Justin: you haven't told me when!?
Elizabeth: *whispers* now.
Justin: when?
Elizabeth: right now Justin. I came to the show to say goodbye.
Justin: WHAT?! Elizabeth why are you leaving. *he started tearing up*
Elizabeth: please don't make this harder than it is already.
Justin: if its so hard the why go?
Elizabeth: Justin! Listen. I can't stay. Maybe one day we'll meet again. *i looked down at my feet then back up at justin* bye Justin. 
I gave him one last kiss before turning and leaving. I didn't look back because I knew if I had, I would've run back to his arms and never gone anywhere else. I would've caved and told him everything; but i couldn't do that to him. Me leaving brought him less pain then me telling him the truth ever would.


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