Ballad of a Teenage Drinker

Title says it all


10. Party



Its crowded in here. I don't really like it,

 but there's booze, and my parents will never know

Everyone else does though. I'm not here to socialize,


I'm here to drink every last drop, in a sofa, on a room barely lit.

 Outside, there's a fight. Its my friend, but I don't want a blow.

Its so sad, to be in my place, I hear them running round, mice,


Creeping around, walking through every crevice, poking out a slit.

I'm pathetic, I feel pathetic, but I know I havent reached my low,

 my bottom point yet, to figure that out, you don't have to be very wise.


An acid aftertaste fluid forms fast in my mouth; I spit.

In comes a lady, she makes me raise to the heavens an eyebrow,

Her eyes, her eyes the colour of the most beautiful skies,


I'll have to charm her, charm her with my drunken wit,

I slowly creep closer, and I realize that she looks like a dying cow.

I've gone beyond, past the point: I can no longer trust my eyes

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