Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 6

Divine dance glorious and reached to its perfection.


1. soul stirring

Sweet notes of flute and drums in beat

of tinkling bells and anklets

clinking of bangles and bracelets

wonderful and soul stirring music

nature in peaceful harmony.


Moon light and music

flowed like milk and honey

nature captive in streams of nectar.


Rhythmic singing and dancing

rising high to the full swing

steps faster in ardent love and fervor

transported in to the beautiful worlds hither to unknown.


The greatest dance with highest concentration

like lightening flashes in the blue clouds

dancers looked ethereal and celestial

floating in air over the blue pearl.


The dance divine filled with bliss

stirred the souls inner most

individual souls merged in cosmic soul.


Time stood still

the moment  froze

light of pure love enveloped

whole creation in bliss Absolute.





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