Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 5

Singing and dancing by Krishna in his many forms with gopis.


1. Divine Dance

Krishna assumed many forms at his free will

from single to several

graceful forms in multitude

all in his likeness.


That glorious night in his many forms

on the banks of river Yamuna

Krishna sang and danced with gopis

the divine dance Rasaleela.


Blue Lord on the seat of veils

blue Lord in the center of gopis

played flute in rapturous notes

as gentle waves swished on sands.


One Lord between two maidens

one maiden between two Lords

one Lord for one maiden

moving in circles with arms intertwined

a fascinating performance ever witnessed.


Arms on each other shoulders

hands clapping in rhythmic tune

front and back up and down

elegant waists gracefully bent

turning and twisting

a dance light and willowy.


Krishna and gopis sang and danced

various postures with measured steps

lithe movements and bewitching smiles

flowing hair in long lovely waves.

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