Love Actually

Catherine~Cat is starting her first day of university. She is scared because from previous expiriences Cat has been bullied! What happens when her terrible memories replay right in front of her? Will she be saved? Gain friends?


1. Chapter 1

I woke up to the most ear-peircing sound, causing me to jump up and fall off my bed. I hit my face on my beside table.....OW. I shot up from the floor but my equilibriam didnt kick in causing me fall again flat on my bum. This time i slowly got up making sure not to fall again. Who would ever fall in love with an ugly clutz like me. I walked over to my table on the other side of my bed finding my blue alarm clock trying to turn it off, but it would'nt! I kept pressing the buttons on the device and the beeping would'nt stop! I picked up the annoying object and chucked it out my window as far as I could! "they can have it" i muttered under my breath. I trotted into my bathroom stripping down and jumping into the shower. About 5 minutes later I got out i blow dried my brown curly locks, and entered my room again. The blue walls glisened with the sun. I slightly smiled to myself thinking about mum and I decorating my room last month! I was officially living on my own.

I walked to my dresser pulling on some underwear and a bra. I decided on wearing some black short-shorts and a pink tank top with ruffles going down the front! I paired it with some pink toms and light pink eyeshadow around my blue orbs. I aplied mascara and brushed my hair! I was kind of nervous because of it being my first day of university. I went quickly down my steps grabbing a nutrition bar and walking out the door with my bag on my shoulder! "Oops" i wispered to myself realizing that i had forgotten to lock my doors! i turnned back down my path and began walking to school!


This is my first book and i'm nervous because I really want it to be good, so please comment feedback and i will try to update as often as I possiblly can! thanks!

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