Angel Smile ~A Harry Styles Fanfiction~

''If angels are supposed to live in heaven, what the hell is he doing on earth?!''

Charlotte ''Charlie'' never felt like she fitted in, but when she founds her missing puzzle piece, Harry

Styles, her world totally change direction and nothing will never be the same...


1. 1.

The sun shined bright through my dirty window and my fingers reached down my white sheets.

I took a quick look at the alarm and sighed loudly. 13.00.

''Shit'', I said and jumped out of my bed. I was going to meet up the girls at 13.30 at Lisa's house.

I quickly grabbed a white blouse and some jeans shorts, simple but kinda cute.

A cup of the stood ready on the dinner table and as I took it I saw my little sister, Mi, right behind me.

''Hello Charlie, what are you up to?'', Mi asked and chew on a piece of pumpkin bread.

Charlie was my nickname, my real name is Charlotte, but none use it.

''I'm actually in a hurry, Mi. I'm going to meet up the girls at Lisa's'', I sighed and took my brown purse.

''Oh, great...I guess?'', Mi said and went upstairs.

''Tell mom I'll be home later, love you!'', I yelled after her.

I opened the door quick and stepped out, the air felt strange and the sun shined bright above my


The way to Lisa's wasn't that long at all, just down the street and in the left corner you'll find a red

apartment. The Hanson's. I plugged in my headphones and got lost in the music world.

We are the reckless, we are the wild youth

The time flew away and as soon as the song's lyrics faded to quietness I were on Lisa's doorstep.

I were about to knock but the girls were faster.

''Where the hell have you been chica!?'', Lisa smiled and fake slapped me on the cheek.

''Sorry girls! You know how I am...'' I laughed.

''Haha! Yes we know'', Kimmy said and hugged me tight before she went up the stair with Phoebe.

''Come on! We have plans for the evening!'' Phoebe said with her British accent.

I smiled and followed them up. Damn even a lie could sound good in that accent, I thought and



4 hours later.

''We are going out clubbing!'', Lisa said and her eyes crinkled as she smiled bright.

''Are you kidding me?'', I said and fell down on a chair.

''It will be fun!'', Phoebe said and took out her ponytail.

''Yes, Charlie. We'll borrow a dress from Lisa and every boy will drool when they see you!'', Kimmy


''Please? I really need a day out from all this drama!'', Lisa said and stood up.

''Fine! Just for Lisa!'', I said and opened my arms for all the hugs that were coming.

Lisa's parents went in a huge fight so now her dad is in America and her mom is at Lisa's

grandmother, and Lisa lives alone with her brother Gregory. I felt bad for her, but it's a relief that

she got her Gregory.

''Pick a colour'!'', Lisa winked at me.

''Um, champagne?''

''It's a club, not a wedding'', Lisa said and crossed her arms.

''Why not champagne? Or you want me to pick orange?'', I grinned.

''Fine'', she said while rolling her eyes and threw me a champagne coloured dress.

''What'ya think?'', Kimmy said while her and Phoebe spin around.

Phoebe wore a dark blue dress that matched perfectly with her dark hair, Kimmy wore a black

tight shiny dress and her redish hair were in a beautiful braid.

''You two look beautiful'', I smiled.

They giggled and took each others hands.

''Go get changed, Charlie! We don't want to wait!'', Lisa smiled and I saw her red silk cloth on her

pale body, and her hair were up in a messy bun.

''You don't look so bad either'', I winked and grabbed my stuff and went to the walk-in-closet.

The dress were actually beautiful. A champagne coloured lace dream. And it fitted perfectly!

I let my hair be as it was as i went outta the closet.

''Stunning!'', Lisa smiled. ''My perfection!'' She laughed and spinned me around on the floor.

''So guys!? What are we waiting for, let's hit that club!'' Phoebe laughed and headed the door.

And the girls went straight to Kimmy's blue Volvo. She was the only one with licence, I once tried

to get one but it didn't turn out very great...

''Song request?'', Kimmy said as she twisted the keys.

''Little Mix!'' Lisa shouted.

''Noo, Jessie J!'', Phoebe yelled.

''Ed Sheeran?'' I asked.

''British Invasion Playlist, here we go!'' Lisa laughed.

''You need me man, I don't need you! You need me man I don't need you!'' we all singed to Ed

Sheerans beautiful voice.

Suddenly the car parked outside the club and my heart beated fast. Awkwardly, the girls could hear


''Wow, slow it down, Charlotte Marble!'' Kimmy said. ''It's not dangerous in there you know''.

''I know, I know...'' I mumbled.

''It's okay Charlie, I'm not a party popper either'', Phoebe smiled at me.

''Guys please, let's go!'' Lisa, who already stood outside the car, said.

''Alright, alright'', I said and grabbed Kimmy and Phoebe's elbows.

We went inside the door and the lights shone everywhere. It was so hot that I barely could breath.

''Wow'', I said.

''Let's dance!'', Kimmy yelled and grabbed Phoebes arms.

''Hey wait for me!'', Lisa runned after her.

''Gir!'' I sighed and went to the bar for a drink.

The girl in the bar were taking someone else's order so I decided to wait. Good idéa huh?...

''From the curly haired boy'', the girl said, pointing at a boy three...four seats from me and handed

me a drink.

I was chocked as I watched him waving at me. I tried to hide in my blond hair because of my red

cheeks, but it didn't work out.

''Do you want to dance?'', he smiled at me and moved two seats closer.

I couldn't do anything but nod. The curly haired boy took my hips and moved to a darker side of the

room with the music pumping in our ears.

''I'm Harry'', he finally said.

The silence filled the atmosphere and I just stared at my shoes.

''And you?'' he asked and grabbed my chin up.

''Charlotte'' I mumbled and blushed.

''Chortie?'' he laughed and looked wondering.

''No! Charlotte... But call me Charlie'', my face turned red and I continued to watch my shoes.

''Oh! Alright, Charlie'', Harry smiled.

The silence came again and he pulled me even closer.

''Are you here alone?'', he said.

''No'', I said and let go of him, but he just grabbed my hands again.

''Whats his name?'' He asked and looked at my grey-blue eys.

''Well... Her is the right word...'' I sighed.

''Are you interested...In girls?'' Harry said and looked worried.

''No! God no! Well it's nothing wrong with that but... no! I'm here with my three friends, Lisa, Kimmy

and Phoebe'', I said.

''I bet they don't have your beauty'', Harry smirked at me.

Such a flirt. But I can't lie, he was irresisteble.

''Come on...'' I blushed.

''Do you want to go anywhere else?'' He grinned.

''Uh, I'm not sure... I mean my friends are waiting for me...'' I bite my lip.

''They can wait until tomorrow.'' Harry said and smiled that stupid angel smile.

Tomorrow? Wait, what. Was he going to take me home!?

''Oh...'' I gasped.

Harry took my hand and got me out of the dance floor.

Lisa saw me with him and smirked, I formed the word ''help'' with my lips and she took Kimmy and

Phoebe's hands and ran over to me and Harry.

''Where are you going?'' Kimmy asked and tap my shoulder.

''Who is he?'' Phoebe said worried.

''I am her old classmate.'' Harry lied.

''Hey...'' I started and Harry squeezed my hand harder.

''Are you sure? Don't you want a drink or something, Charlie?'', Lisa said and looked at Harry.

If looks could kill..., I thought for myself.

''I-I'm fine'', I said and itched my arm.

''Alright... Give me a call when you are home...'', Lisa said and looked at me.

''I will'', I halfheartedly smiled at her.

''Let's go'', Harry said and waited for me to turn around.

''Yes'', I said and this time I took his hand, because I didn't want the girls to worry about me.

I wasn't very comfortable with Harry but he wasn't dangerous, god no.

''I like you'', he smirked at me. Angel.

''Thank you'', I said and tried to sound strong but the voice crack and the ''you''.

''Would you mind spend the night?'', He asked.

''I think I'll go home..'' I said and pointed back.

''No'', he grabbed me. ''Please''.

I sighed and started moving forward in Harry's direction again.

''You are so special... In some way, Char..lie.'' He smiled at the ground.

I couldn't help myself from smiling a little.

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