Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 2

Lord Krishna's beauty and charm and sweet melodies of flute.


1. Lord Krishna

Beautiful blue Lord in golden silk

fragrant in sandal paste

camphor dot on forehead

flower garlands hugged his form.


Flute held in delicate fingers

curly hair with lovely locks

crown adorned in peacock feathers

like colorful rainbows in sky.


Lord Krishna's triple posture

eyes like lotus petals half closed

head slightly inclined

tender lips on flute

auspicious foot crossed over another

a joy to behold forever.


Fresh blooms fell to kiss his feet

a tiny flower trembled and murmured

`Tread softly Lord for you tread on my heart.`


Lord's tender gaze

embraced the little love

a sigh of contentment

life in fulfillment.

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