The Dark World

Pandora has been Colonised for unimaginable lengths of time, and as such, the pollution from its factories and mines has blocked out its dying sun. A father and a daughter sit in the total darkness, and think about their world.


1. A History of Pandora

There was a time when we could see the stars.
There was a time when the sky was more than just an expanse of lonely darkness. There was a time when our star was more than just an unlit circle in a blackened night.
When our ancestors colonized this world, it was gleaming in the radiance of our star, as light as any other untouched planet. It was originally the abundance of precious ores and metals that welcomed our ancestors to this planet, unaware and unafraid of the consequences. Now they are aware of the consequences, now they fear them, they have given this planet a fitting name: Pandora.
After centuries of human inhabitation, much has changed. The ores and metals have gone, the pollution is absolute. We are left in perfect darkness, unable to see our own faces. Scientists have harnessed a mixture of albino genes and ocular implants to allow us to see a vague outline of reality, but apart from that, our minds have to imagine the rest.
Once, a long time ago, the government tried to control the population from outgrowing the food supplies with brutal one-child policies and systematic culling of the decrepit, but now it is not necessary. Now there are more natural controllers. Depression is ubiquitous, statistically shown from the suicide rates. Criminality is rampant, the heart and soul of our society; not through lack of morals, but through necessity. As such, the murder rates are uncontrollably higher than other worlds.
The star that once lit up our world so boldly is fading, and its light can no longer penetrate the fog. Our dying star cannot light up our dying world.

-Extract of The Shadow Planet: A History of Pandora


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