Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 1

beautiful love between Krishna and gopis the fair maidens of the land called Brindavan.


1. Brindavan

(Lord Krishna-Hindu god in scriptures much adored and worshipped.Gopis -fair maidens of the land called Brindavan.

Yamuna-name of the river in Brindavan. Rasaleela-Divine dance that represents the sweetness of love between Krishna and 



Autumn coolness all around

whispering breeze in the forest enchanting

clear and pure, calm and tranquil

flows the lovely river Yamuna.


The river in pleasant anticipation

forest in mild exultation

beautiful Brindavan in decoration

the stage set in fine preparation.


King of night like a cupid disc

rising high over the hill's peak

in full glory among the brilliant stars

soft moonlight in gentle showers.


Sweet fragrance of flowers

buzzing bees the songsters

golden grains of cool sand

nature romantic in love land.

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