Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


18. You're Hurting Me

Brook's Pov

I looked up to see no Zayn, where is he? I looked around the room and nothing, I got up and went down to the kitchen. 'Zayn?' I called, no reply. I walked into the living room, and saw a note lying on the table.

Morning Doll,

If you are reading this you have just woke up, I had to leave early to train for the fight tonight but I will be back at two, if you need me I will be at the gym, Love you doll


I sighed and put the note down, I got dressed. Some Bright pink neon shorts and a long jumper over the top and my doc martens. I walked down the stairs and decided to go out and surprise Zayn maybe I can make him stop the fight now, it would be worth a go.

I left the house locking it with the key Zayn always kept under the mat. I walked down to the gym, I walked in and went to the boxing area. I saw Zayn, it was strange watching him train, he punched hard into the bags that tom was holding, and then the pads on toms hands. Zayn was channelling his anger into the punches. Tom left Zayn to punch the loosely hanging bag. I couldn't shake the feeling that I had though.

'He will be alright, you don't give him enough credit' Tom said from behind me, I twist and sigh looking at him 'Did he tell you who he was fighting?' he asked, I shrugged 'no not really' I said, 'Andy Perkins, he is prick... you have been told about Lola right?' he asked, I nodded 'Well not long after Zayn and her split up, she went to Andy and well he abused her... really badly... and no matter what Zayn always wanted to get him back, and he sees this as his chance' he said, I sighed and looked down at my hands. That is why Zayn wanted to do this, he wanted to get back at him for what he did to Lola... I am starting to wonder if I will ever compare to Lola.

 Zayn stopped punching and looked over at my sad expression, he dropped his gloves and walked over to me. Tom took his queue to leave, I just stared down at my hands refusing to look up at Zayn. 'Your mad at me aren't you?' he asked, I sighed and looked up, I wasn't mad... maybe a little but that was for a different reason. I was just worried.

Zayn sighed and came closer, he kissed my lips softly, and took hold of my hand. 'Come on your going to be my motivation' he said, I looked confused 'come on' he said, I stood up and he lead me over to the boxing ring. 'Zayn what are you doing?' I asked, he lay me down on the floor, I laughed 'your crazy' I said, he hovered over me. Two arms either side of my head, he parted my legs so he could put his in-between, he started to do a press up, 'Every time I do a press up I get one kiss' he said, I laughed 'go then' I said.

He began and kissed my neck as he came down, then he came up again and went back down and met my lips. I grabbed his neck and pulled him back down, and kissed him hard. He pulled back up but I pulled him back down, he smiled 'Brook' he said, I grinned and he smiled, I released his neck as he increased the distance between us. I liked this kind of exercise, more than normal. 'I like training with you, I can't do this kind of thing with tom' he said, I smiled.

We only did twelve more until I wrapped my leg around his waist pulling him back down, he grinned into my neck and kissed it. I smiled 'I am glad you don't do this kind of thing with tom' I said, he laughed at me. I smiled and kissed him back.

Then there was a cough behind us, Zayn pulled up to see Steve stood there, Zayn stood up and pulled me up with him. He pushed me to the back of him keeping his arm firmly in front of me, I grabbed Zayn's arm. 'Sorry to interrupt but just need to make sure you are going to fight for me tonight' he said, I looked at Zayn 'yeah I am' he said, 'wait! your fighting this because of him?' I asked, Zayn looked at me 'be quiet' Zayn whispered to me. 'Why are you fighting for him? Tom told me it was for Lola' I said, Steve laughed 'its for both of us love' said Steve, I shot him a glare. 'Catch you later Zayn. Seven. Make sure you there' he said walking off.

I pushed past Zayn's arm to go after Steve, but Zayn grabbed my arm. 'Get off me' I said, 'Brook!' he said, he was stopped by his phone ringing, he kept hold of my arm but answered his phone. I pulled my arm away and crossed them across my chest, 'Look I am having enough trouble with Brook with out you starting' he said, I grumbled 'I am going to do this it isn't up to you' he said, I burst 'ZAYN GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE' he hung up the phone, and turned to me 'was that someone else telling you how stupid this fight is?' I asked, he rolled his eyes 'BROOK!' he yelled, 'is this fight Legal?' I asked, 'technically... No' he said, 'Oh my god Zayn! you defiantly can't do it now' I yelled,  'Brook, I am going to fight' he said sternly, '...who was on the phone?' I asked, 'Lola' he said, I looked at him, '... I am never going to compare to her am I?' I asked stepping out of the ring and walking to get my bag, 'What is it with you woman, I don't care if you don't like this ... IT IS MY DISION' he yelled, 'you didn't answer my question' I said, he walked over to me 'Your right, you don't compare to her... because you are so much better than her, you are perfect... she wasn't...' he said, 'why did she call you' I asked, 'she didn't want me to fight for her' he said to me, I sighed.

‘I am going to go home, I will see you later’ I said, ‘NO! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE PISSED OFF WITH ME DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN JUST FUCKING WALK AWAY… I DON’T CARE IF YOU WANT ME TO FIGHT OR IF YOU DON’T I AM FUCKING FIGHTING… NOT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE IS GOING TO STOP ME!’ he yelled pushing me back against a wall, I gasped and I couldn’t speak the fear was creeping back. I looked into his dark eyes, I quivered. With each word he said his grip got tighter around me, I shook with fear, pain shot up my arm, and a small cry of pain escaped my lips, ‘you’re hurting me’ I whimpered. Zayn’s face instantly fell and went pale, I realised just how aggressive Zayn could be. I thought maybe I could look past his aggressive behaviour, but no matter what he was still going to be like that. He looked down ‘no… not again’ he whispered, I let a single tear roll down my cheek. ‘Brook I am so sorry… I-I didn’t mean too… hurting you is the last thing I would want to do’ he said, he begged ‘please’ I stared at him, I didn’t want him to be alone.

Without hesitation I immediately, put my hand on the back of his head with tears still falling, he clung to me. I know he never truly meant to hurt me. Our breathing slowed as I showed Zayn affection. Zayn looked down and clenched his eyes shut in pain himself, I flinched as he touched my upper arm where he had inflicted the pain. ‘I am so sorry brook’ he said, I sighed ‘It’s alright…’ I said, he looked up at me ‘I didn’t mean too’ he said, I took a deep breath ‘I know you didn’t… I-I just… I’m worried I don’t want to see you get hurt’ I said, it was silent for a few minutes, ‘I am still going to fight’ he said in a deep voice, I sighed I didn’t want to say anything else that could make it worse, ‘please just stay with me’ he said, I nodded, ‘I won’t leave’ I said, he went to kiss me but I moved my head so he kissed my cheek.

Zayn let go of me and walked back over to the ring, I slide down the wall and watched him. Tom walked over to me, ‘I know Zayn said you can’t go… but… I can see your upset… I will pick you up at Zayn’s house at 6:00’ he said, I smiled at him ‘thank you Tom’ I said, he smiled at me ‘just don’t tell Zayn I brought you’ he said, I nodded ‘I won’t’ I said, ‘I will tell though if he asks, he won’t go mad at you’ he said, I looked over at Zayn ‘I am not too sure your right about that’ I said, then looking down at my bruised arms, ‘just try not to tell him’ he said, I nodded ‘thanks again tom’ I said, he nodded and ran over to Zayn and started to train again.



The fight

What does Brook need to tell Zayn?


Lola, Steve, andy, Zayn, Brook, Paul and Logan in the same place…

What can go wrong?


Hope you all enjoy the chapter, going to update soon, will let you know when :D








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