Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


3. I'm yours

Brook’s Pov

I swallowed hard, ‘Let me just get my coat’ I sighed walking inside, I grabbed my jacket. I stepped outside with Zayn and we walked to his car, ‘you look great’ he said, throwing an arm around my waist, I moved further away, ‘what don’t you understand about your mine’ he said laughing, ‘I will never be yours’ I said, ‘oh so you can talk’ he said, ‘who said I couldn’t’ I said climbing into the car. I sighed; tonight is going to be long. ‘Where are we going then?’ I asked, ‘to a club’ he said, I nodded. ‘you going quite again’ he said smiling at me, ‘no just got nothing to say’ I said quietly; we drove to the club, and as soon as we got out of the car, we went to the front door; Zayn whispered something to the security guard, and we were aloud straight in. He pulled me in, ‘What did you say to him’ I asked, ‘never you mind’ he whispered in my ear.

We walked over to the bar, and Zayn ordered two drinks. I took it from his hand and looked around the packed club, there was bodies forced up against each other, ‘you want to dance’ asked Zayn, ‘you will have to buy me a few more drinks before I even move from this seat’ I said sipping the drink I have been given, he smiled at me. Zayn placed a hand on my thigh and ran his hand up my leg, ‘how many more drinks will it take until you will give to me’ he said, I pushed his hand away, ‘a lot’ I said, he chuckled. The night went on and after much drink I was finally dancing, Zayn was stood behind me, and pulled my hips into his. Zayn pulled me over to a corner, and pushed me against the wall, he kissed me harshly. I pulled back, ‘no’ I said, ‘oh come on’ he said, grasping my bum, ‘I said no’ I said to him, he rolled his eyes, ‘I will go and get us another drink’ he said, ‘okay’ I said.

I walked outside to go and get some air, I stood leaning with my back against the wall. I looked over and next to me was a tall boy with a cute grin, and brown hair. I smiled at the attractive boy, ‘hello’ he said, ‘Hi’ I said back, ‘what is a pretty girl doing out here alone this time of night’ he asked, ‘I wanted some fresh air’ I said, ‘oh right’ he said, grabbing my arm. He tugged me around the corner down an ally, ‘what are you doing’ I asked, ‘come on just for fun’ he said grabbing at me, he kissed my neck, I cried out ‘No!’ I yelled, he pushed me hard against the wall, and bit my neck and sucked it, I could feel the bruising start. He grabbed my thigh and dug his nails in, I felt my leg cut open ‘GET OFF ME’ I yelled, ‘just keeps quite’ he said, ‘ZAYN!’ I yelled, he was the only person I knew that was anywhere close. Suddenly he was off me and I was released from the wall. I looked to see Zayn stood there, ‘WHAT THE FUCK JOSH?’ he yelled, ‘it was just a bit of fun mate, why do you care?’ he said, Zayn went for him. He threw punch after punch at him, soon Josh was on the floor, Zayn was still hitting and kicking, ‘ZAYN STOP!’ I yelled, ‘Brook goes to the car!’ he yelled at me, ‘NO! Not until you stop’ I yelled he didn’t stop, the punches continued.

As Zayn’s arm came back I grabbed it, he turned to look at me ‘No more’ I whispered, he pulled his arm away, ‘you stay away from her’ he said, to Josh. I looked down at him he was beaten to a pulp, I walked over and crouched down next to him, I picked his head up and got the corner of my jacket and wiped the corner of his mouth, ‘you don’t mess with Zayn’ I said, Then there was an arm on my wrist and I was pulled away. I was dragged to his car, we sat inside it ‘why did you go and make sure he was ok?’ he asked angrily, ‘you could have killed him’ I said, ‘I was tempted, if I wasn’t there he would have raped you’ he said, I squirmed at the thought, ‘where are we going’ I asked, ‘my house’ he said, I looked down at my phone it was 1:35am. I looked up at Zayn; his hand was bleeding from where he was violently punching josh. ‘your hand’ I whispered, ‘I am fine, what did he do to you?’ he asked, ‘just a few love bites’ I said, even though the cuts from his nails were on the back of my leg, his fist clenched around the steering wheel, ‘no clench your fists, it will make them worse’ I said, ‘I am not concerned about me right now’ he said. I sighed and looked out the window, ‘are you scared again?’ he asked, ‘yeah’ I said, ‘don’t be’ he said, ‘it’s a bit hard not to’ I said, he laughed ‘well try not to be’ he said.

We got to his house, and we walked inside. I sighed, ‘come on my room is this way’ he said, taking my hand. He opened one door, and we walked inside, I walked in behind him. I wasn’t going to sit down the blood from my leg might get on the cover. ‘sit down’ he said, ‘no I am ok’ I said, ‘please sit’ he said, ‘seriously, no’ I said, he raised an eyebrow, ‘why?’ he asked, ‘I just don’t want to’ I said, ‘there is something else’ he said, ‘no there isn’t’ I said, he walked forward to me. ‘tell me’ he said, ‘Nothing’ I said, ‘turn around’ he said getting angry ‘no’ I said, ‘BROOK... just turn around’ he said, he grabbed me and turned me, and saw the four finger nail scratches, two cut straight through the skin the others two grazed, ‘did he do this?’ he asked, I stayed silent, he turned me back around ‘TELL ME!’ he demanded, I nodded. He walked away, where did he go? ‘Come here’ he said, I walked over to him, he knelt down, ‘what are you doing’ I asked, ‘don’t panic, I can’t leave this like it is just cleaning it up, but I can kissing it better when I am done’ he said, I rolled my eyes, ‘you ready’ I nodded. He wiped it clean and bandaged it up. ‘Thank you’ I said, he nodded, ‘I am going to go for a quick shower, you fancy joining me’ he said, ‘Just go’ I said, ‘take a shirt from my draw, you can sleep in that’ he said, ‘I am staying?’ I asked, ‘of course’ he said.

 I got into one of his shirts, and sat down on his bed.  I looked at his dresser; there was a picture of him and a girl. On the back of the picture it said, ‘gone but never forgotten’ I sighed and looked at the picture, it looked like an ex or someone like that maybe. I looked at the picture, and smiled Zayn actually looked nice in it, he looked sweet and different. Then he walked in, only in a towel, it saw just on his pelvic bones. I jumped up and had the picture behind my back ‘are you ok?’ he asked, I nodded and smiled, ‘what behind your back’ he asked, ‘n-nothing’ I said, ‘come on show me’ he said walking closer. I sighed and pulled the picture, and looked down at it, he immeadiely showed no emotion, ‘Zayn?’ I said, ‘you shouldn’t have this’ he said taking it from my hands and putting it in his draw, he took some clothes and walked into the bathroom, so he could get dressed.

I sat there, and looked around the room again. I walked out of the room and looked around, I walked down the stairs, I walked into the living room there wasn’t much in there just the basics, there was one picture that stood alone on the side, I went and picked it up on the back it said ‘Lola’ I sighed and he a cough at the door, and I gasped. I put the picture down and looked at Zayn, ‘you can’t keep off anything can you’ he said, I sighed I have had enough now ‘well Zayn you can’t just expect me to sit there, I deserve some answers, who is this girl?’ I asked, he sighed and walked over to me, ‘why can’t you just keep out of my business’ he yelled, ‘I am now your business... ever since you saw me you decided I would be your puppet.. Well I want something Zayn tell who she is?’ I yelled, his fist clenched, He led me upstairs, ‘the girl is called Lola, and she was my girlfriend. Then we ran away together, my mum didn’t like it, she said she was trouble, and she was right. Lola left me for someone else, then I slept with girl after girl, got into fights, and got a rep, I wanted my family back but I never got the chance, they wouldn’t want to see me now, not after I just left them’ he said, I sighed and looked at him ‘I am sure they would want to see you’ I said.

I walked down stairs, and turned the kettle on. Zayn walked in, ‘are you still scared’ he asked, ‘Yeah’ I said, ‘you shouldn’t be’ he said, he came and walked in front of me and lifted me up on the side, ‘your mine, remember that’ he said, ‘Zayn I...’ he stopped, ‘me you don’t have to say anything’ he said, ‘I do.. thank you for tonight... you stopped josh’ I said, ‘I had to your mine’ he said, he smiled at me, I rolled my eyes but a smiled formed on my face ‘that is the first time I have made you smile’ he said. He went to kiss my lips softly but I moved my head hastily so he made contact with my cheek, he sighed and looked down at me, and then his phone went off he sighed and answered it, ‘Hey... right now? I am busy but...’ he hung up the phone, ‘where were we’ he asked I shook my head; kicking myself back into reality ‘we weren’t anywhere’ I said standing up.

We went upstairs; I lie down in the bed, and fell asleep next to Zayn.  I woke up at about 5:00am, could hear Zayn on the phone, ‘Yeah... tomorrow tonight... we can get him then...if you see him you warn him from me.... if he ever touches her again he will be much worse than what it is... alright mate... see you later’ he walked back in, ‘Zayn what are you planning’ I asked, ‘You should be asleep’ I said, ‘I asked you a question’ I said, ‘I said go to sleep’ he said. He pushed me down into the bed, and kissed my neck ... I gasped and felt him kissed harder, ‘your mine aren’t you’ he said, ‘sat it’ he demanded, ‘I’m yours’ I whimpered under his touch, he pulled off ‘good night doll’ he said lying down.

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