We'll forever stay

A poem about star-crossed lovers ,who met and fell in love in the city of Buckingham . and how their love overcome each and every obstacle .


1. two lost souls in Buckingham

Here you are and here I am

Two lost souls in Buckingham

The city where our love first blossomed,

The city where we walked hand in hand

Where I was devastated and you helped me stand

My first glimpse of true love was about to start

As I felt warmth lingering in the walls of my heart

In both our minds we ruled the world

Entangled together by an unseen chord


I thought nothing could stand in our way

But a shocking fate ,there lay

What awaited us was a monstrous beast

Hopes and dreams were his feast


When I shed the first tear over you

It fell on earth like a drop of dew

And on that spot grew a flower

I was enchanted by such power

The power of true love , as mother would say

A Love so strong that nothing could sweep away


I held a piece of paper smudged by tears

Holding tightly to a dead man’s fears

Oblivion scared you, and that’s what you said:

The moment I’m out of your head

Is the moment I’m truly dead


But I thought about you night and day

And in my mind our memories play

I wanted to join you wherever you were

Death separated us, life is so unfair


Those were my thoughts when the car came rushing by

And the last thing I heard was a warning cry

When the sirens filled the air,it was too late

No one could save me from my fate


I leaped from the body I possessed once

Everything was fading, before I fell into a trance

I was completely trapped by fear

 before I felt your touch

You pulled me closer and whispered in my ear

‘we’ll stay forever’ it was that much


That’s how our tale started from an end

When both our fates began to blend


You held my hand tightly in yours

And we flew together through closed doors

Nothing could stop us now

And that was our new vow


Our tale was engraved in the stones of the old city

Our love was presented for everyone to see

We thought that the world not knowing about us is such a pity

So here we are telling thee


We never left the city where our love grew

We stayed forever delivering the love potion we brew

If you don’t believe our little tale, it’s up to you



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