Experimental Fusion

In the time of 2067 it is every country for itself; a huge war that broke out eight years ago plunged the world into disarray. In this world, suspicion gives rise to conflict within conflict, and every person continues fighting for their own reasons.

Every country, in despair, works in secret on its own means of winning the war. England's secret weapon is Mutants, people who have been fused with animals, giving them incredible abilities such as flight and super senses. But there is a catch. The mutants can only be created from children, young children who need to be trained. With the guidance of the unlucky scientist, Danny, and training that plunges them into danger, can they hope to succeed in time, and help England survive the Third World War?

(Note that this is my first Movella and full-length story. I am still in the process of proofreading, but please do give feedback on what you think of it so far!)


1. Prologue- Awakening

The many scientists that crowded in the room looked upon the test-tube like structure quizzically. Startled murmurs filled the laboratory, and more and more people came running to investigate the scene. All except for one; a man who was guided by another man’s gentle arm, limping and unseeing, but still living.




For inside the test tube was the first success of many failed experiments by the scientists of the year 2067, held in secret from the public and even the government lest word get out and the experiments all be ruined.

A boy was curled up there in the tube, feathered wings curled about him. He looked about five in human years, but two fluffy wings were curled about him, and resting on his head through his hair, were tiny tufts of downy feathers, supported and swaying in the movements of the liquid in which he rested.

The man who limped, supported only by two crutches and his guide, hissed. What kind of mad plot had he gotten himself dragged into? The veins stood out blackly against red-tinged, inflamed flesh, half-hidden beneath black rosette markings and a small, neatly-trimmed beard on his chin.

The experiment, the aim of this laboratory was to fuse an animal with a human. The scientists had tried many species, from mice to jellyfish, but the previous tests had failed and the subjects had died. Most of them. This one was still alive, and he had been successfully fused with an owl.

It seemed that younger humans and animals made better test subjects, as the scientists’ research seemed to have shown.

Now, the small, feather-covered boy was curled up as though nestled in an egg, but he was about to see life again anew. A scientist flipped a switch, and the fluid inside the test tube drained, and then the device itself opened up to let the experimental boy, nicknamed ‘Moony’ from his confines.

At first the experiment choked in order to breathe, and that was the only sign of life. Then a wide golden eye opened, as Moony looked up at the scientists curiously from beneath his feathered brow. The scientists looked bewildered, then slowly but surely, cheers rang out among them.

All except one.

Moony Looked around, his eyes filled with intelligence, yet at the same time, complete clueless innocence. He awkwardly folded his wet, downy wings against his back and let out a hoot of confusion as though to say “What’s happening?”

The scientists calmed at that, one of them kneeling to help the little boy find his feet. It was a most amusing sight, until eventually he stood, seeming pleased with himself, and bobbed his head in a most owl-like way, and gave another little hoot.

One of the scientists seemed puzzled.

“Do you think he’ll remember anything?”

The scientist was rewarded with a high pitched “Hoooo!” from Moony, even if he didn’t know what any of this was all about. One of the other scientists clapped a hand to her forehead.

“We erased his memory before we fused him, remember? It was the kindest thing to do…”

Several of the scientists groaned.

“Looks like that weapon’s going to have to wait a bit longer...”


The head scientist shook her head, but she was smiling, and most others, too couldn’t help finding the experiment’s attitude adorable.

The head scientist looked around, then beckoned and left the room, with Moony tottering after, beating his fuzzy wings and waddling unsteadily after her.

The feathery tufts on Moony’s head twitched like the ears of a curious young puppy as he followed, ready for his first training mission, and an introduction to the life of a spy.

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