you changed me? now ima killer.

hi im pebble, they call me blaze, i was teased all my highschool life by the one and only louis tomlinson, cause i broke up with him, well he caught him cheating on me with my bestmate.
he changed me from the bright happy girl who wouldent hurt a fly,
to the killer that aint nothing but trouble.
my bestmate ash is my partner in crime, hes the only one i trust he got me off the streets him and hes dad showed me everything i know,
one day i blacked out and killed two teachers, all because of louis
i didnt mean to kill the techers they got in the way of the gun trying to protect louis.
me and ash went to juvy,
yeah what ever, then we where sent to boarding school,
and thats where i found louis again,
and hes mate zayn.....

yep there is a lot of swaring and shit so yeahh...


1. im going where?

*i pulled the trigger twice shooting two teachers in the chest,

then it came to louis he stood there as i stared into hes soul, i was just about to pull the trigger, then all of a sudden someone crash tackeled me, my stupid slut of a sister, tayla, shes the one that fucked my boyfriend on my bed, yeah my boyfriend was

louis, but he fucked up my life.

i was on my stoumach as i was being handcuffed, i looked to my right to see ash being tackled after schooting louis in the leg.

as me said to me "see you in the slammer" with his signature smile and then i was out cold*


i jolted awake from my memories because of the stupid officer saying "ash and karlee, yous have to go to school to finnish year 11 and 12, ok"

and ash being the nosy one says, "and where the fuck are we gonna go we can go bact to our old school, if you dont rember 2 years ago  we shot a kid and killed two teacher?" "thats why your going to boarding school" the cop said, or as we call them 'pig' told us,

i sat there keeping my mouth shut trying not to get into anymore truoble.

"the school has been notified about your records, they know your a killer pebble and they know your a phyco ash" the pig said as he lent back on hes chair,


*a week later*

"are you ready babe" ash said as we walked to the bus that brings us to the stupid boarding school.

i turned to him and gave him a look of discuist,

"yeah im so happy, ill be stuck with humderads of fuck wits that i dont even know, and the best part is i get to share a room with 2 people i dont even fucking know, yay" i said sarcasticaly rolling my eyes and walking onto the bus, as i walked past the front section of the bus i could feel people staring at me, ha yeah i like to draw attention, i was wearing tight jeans and a half top that showed my tits to everyone, i wasnt ashamed of my body if i could i would just walk around in my bra and undies but i would be put back into the slammer for 'public disturbance' yeah what ever,

i was up the back with ash, i had my ear phones in as i rested my head on ash's lap and fell asleep to 'moment for life' by nick minaj feat drake, its a good song you should look it up!

yeah welli was having the best dream about me and my family, befor they kicked me out for killing a man trying to rape one of my old friends yeah whaever, shes a skank now

i was woken up ny someone touching my feet ,

i looked up at ash to see him staring at someone like hes going to kill them, his jaw was clenched, hes vains where popping out, hes eyes where blood shot, it looked like he was gonna jump up and rip their heads of, and it was kinda scary seeing ash like this i hardly ever see him like this, then i looked at me feel to see two people that where at the top of my 'list to kill'

and i relised why ash was like that.

then they he said "long time no see pebbel, wheres your gun hunny"

as she said "shes harmless with out it, ahahahaha"

and thats when i lost it, i jumped up sstaring at them both wanting to kill them with my bare hand right there and then but then ash whisperd in my ear "dont kill them now, there is no fun in that...."

wheni hred that i smirked at the two of them.

then tayla said, "whats so funny mutt"

that got everyones attentiuon as they all turned and stared at us,

"answer her you tramp" i turned to see louis smiling like an idiot thinking i wouldent do anything,

but he was wrong.

i lunged towards him making him smash into the bus floor, as i was sitting on top of him punching the fuck outa him.

then all of a sudden 2 strong arms wraped around me holding me in pplace as louis got up wiping the blood from hes mouth, i was furious,

then a pair of warm lips whisperd into my ear "room 111 see ya there"

and with that he was gone?

and the bus stoped out side the school and everyone scrambled into their seats,

ash looked over to louis and tayla and said "you tell and your dead"

then the bus doors opend and me and ash got of first, as i got off i could feel someone staring at me?

me and ash got lost making our way to the hall,

so i asked these two guys where it was and they directed us there

just as we where about to go the blond said, "im niall and the one with curls is harry" i looked at harry and he had a look of lust in hhes eyes, well hes going to be fun i l thought to  myself as i winked at him making him turn a rosie colour, niall butted in "whats your names i said "this is ash brown and im pebbel brown" and with that we all walked to the hall together

i completley zoned out untill i herd my name,

"pebbel brown, zayn malik, harry styles, katie lea and louis tomlinson, your room 111"

the i turned to see the zayn guy smirking at me, um ok what the fuck is he looking at then i remberd, '

'room 111 see ya there'




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