Recovery Time


1. Recovery Time

A routine is a safe, stable area
That helps you be you, whatever the weather. 
The routine is something you stick to, 
A resolution, or an amazing revelation. 

A routine is never the root of a problem; 
It's what is done within that routine
That deems your actions as good, 
Bad, horrifying, appealing, right or wrong. 

We then get clouded visions of such actions, 
After doing something for so long, we are, by all means, 
Resistant. A resilient body that can
Withstand all manner of things. 

Boundaries you make will be broken in time, 
With restless behaviour caused by nothing more than
Boredom from doing the same thing every day.
That's when your recovery time takes place. 

It'll be like a holiday, changing on part
Just because you feel like you have to. 
It won't be for long at first; you'll miss that routine, 
You'll crave it, then finally return to it. 

It's a cycle of routine recovery, because in your mind,
You know a routine is not for you, nullifying
Your creativity into a blunt blade held at your throat, 
No longer a sharp, bright little weapon. 

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