Love at first sight

Sasha is a YouTuber


1. Going to playless

     yes finally it's here,PLAYLESS LIVE. I'm going to playless live with my best friends, Joey graceffa and Megan aka strawberry17.I'm so exited for playless live I can't wait .

    Once I got into the car to the airport I pulled out my camera. "Hi everyone, right now I'm heading to the airport to meet up with everybody,so I'll see you there" I said to the camera  when drove off.

     When I got  To the airport I had to park in a big parking garage, I parked close to the entice. When I got in I saw everbody with there cameras out  so I got mine out, I went over to Joey and scared his while he was filming "Oh my god girl you scared me " everybody started cracking up. We we're  still waiting for Megan and her boyfriend jimmy. 

    When they finally got here, we went through security, the worse part, luckily  I was the first person out. When we were waiting for our plane I swear I saw one direction, why were they here, I thought that they were on tour or something. I'm not a big fan or any thing but I know who is, Megan.

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