The Couple In The Parking Lot

I wrote this after I witnessed my best friend talking to someone in the parking lot as I waited in the car to drive her home.


1. The Couple In The Parking Lot


They stand

too far apart to be comfortable,

too far apart to be just friends.

Their bodies face away

but their eyes make contact.

Their hips twist towards each other,

a magnetic pull.


A cigarette in her right hand

her left hand on her side,

She pretends like there’s a thousand

other boys that she could have.

But her shoulders creep together

and her lack of confidence peaks through.


He stands tall but his head is lowered.

He rubs the back of his neck,

like it might give him good luck.

The tension radiates around them.


They want desperately to be close.

Close to each other.

Hands slightly touching,

hips whispering,

lips brushing.


They want nothing more than to touch.

To feel the warmth of another,

to know that one another is alive.

That they are alive.


To be reminded

they are not alone,

they suffer together.

But they stand

too far apart to know if it’s true.

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