Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


5. This always happens to me.

I walked out to the car. Louis said he had a surprise for me. Niall was driving and Louis and I were sitting in the back. The drive was taking forever. I noticed Jade had hooked up with Niall and was in the front seat. Louis fell asleep on top of me and I tried to push him off me but he just smiled and wrapped his arms around me. When we finally got to the beach ( Louis surprise)  Jade and Niall went off to find food and Louis and I sat down on the sand. Louis leaned towards me and I stood up and ran towards the water. Louis caught me. " Kiss me or face the consequences!" He said a little to loudly. " No!" I screamed. He threw me into the water and dove in after me. He pulled me to the surface and kissed me passionately for like a minute and a half! Just then I saw Edward. Louis turned and saw me staring at him. We stood up and walked over to our towels. I laid down and Louis laid next to me. He turned on his side and so did I. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. " Wrong spot" he said kissing me on the lips. Edward walked over just when he did that. I tickled Louis and he stood up.  Louis picked me up and started running towards the water. Edward sat there like an idiot.  When Louis carried me back up the beach Edward said hi to us then walked away. " Kiss me now or-" Louis started. I leaned in a kissed him passionately. 

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