When it Happens...

Hope is different. Courage is there to help till of course some unexpected people need help. Being who they are hope and courage did to need them in their life's.


1. Chapter 1

****Courage's P.O.V****
Well people here is a quick introduction. Hi, I'm Courage. Me and my best friend have a story for you, but before we get into that situation we have to explain/describe ourselves to you people. So as you already I am Courage that's what I do. I give people courage. I draw, write, sing, and play the guitar. Hope and I live in Colorado in a little town that everybody knows everybody or they think they but really don't. It's nice and peaceful until there new people or new singers out that all of the girls like. Then all the drama starts cause they fangirl over who wants who or who called dibs first.stupid stuff like that. Anyways I am keeping this short is I can let Hope talk before I get to involved in something.
^^^^Hope's P.O.V^^^^
Hello, I'm Hope. I am going to make this really quick cause I have to go to my lessons. I am really shy when it comes to meeting new people face-to-face. I design, dance, sing,and play the piano. I really want to know how to play the drums, but when my mum was alive she wanted me to be a "proper young lady" which meant no drums or hard core music. Just stuff like ballet and the classics like Beethoven. Then I met Courage and my mum found out what she was like and told me to stay away from her. It didn't work cause we always found ways to see each other and be friends without them knowing. Oh I got to go or I will be late.
****Courage's P.O.V****
Hope really does like playing the ballet and doing ballet, but I think she wants to put her own moves together and change the beats to the song. She designs dances to music and I write the songs she dances to. So we are like a little band if I can get a set of drums for Hope. Who wait the story right. I will tell it from my point of view till Hope gets back.
----Two weeks ago----
I was at school like normal, but it all changed when I heard a horrible shriek. Stupid Rebecca and her stupid voice. "OMG!! Have you hear that new band? They are like sooo hot. Can you believe they are having a concert just an hour away." She yelled running to her friends. "Wait, what new band?" I went up to her and asked. "ONE DIRECTION!!" They all answered back. "Oh another boy band great here we go again." I said to myself. "An hour away, huh?" I asked finally. "Yeah, why?" "Oh no reason." "Okay whatever you say." After that I went on with my normal day just with the gossip of everyone going to the concert. Hope and I really did not care much for boy bands. So we just didn't talk about it.
----Three day after----
Well today is Friday and tomorrow is the One Direction concert everybody has been talking about. Hope and I were getting ready for bed when CRASH!!! We both came running out to see what it was when we saw a car had swerved, ran off the road, flipped, and hit a tree. We were the only ones to hear it though because we didn't have that many neighbors. We rushed back in to grab the phone and an emergency pack that Hope and I had made just in case something did happen. Hope called 911 as we ran to the car that had crashed. We saw 5 guys unconscious. As Hope was on the phone I was pulling the guys out of the car so we could stop the bleeding and bandage up what we could before the ambulance got here. It all happened so fast then suddenly Hope and I were at the hospital in two of the guys rooms. Her in one and me in the other. We did this cause there wasn't enough room for us both to fit in the chair to sleep in so we decide to do it this way instead. Also it helps us keep an eye on more then just one of them. I woke up around 8:00am when I noticed someone was standing  in front of me. He was looking at my arm because of me drawings I had on them. I had three words on and hand- done!, alone?, and okay. On my middle finger I had a scar also drawn on. They all meant something to me. I looked at him for a minute till he realized I was awake. "Oh I'm sorry love. What do those mean?" He asked. "Nothing" I said as I pulled my arm to my side to hide it. "Come on love. I mean I have already seen it so you have to tell me." He stated. "Too bad my life is not your business." "Then why are you here?" "Cause we wanted to make sure you guys were fine and since we saved your lives." I said getting mad, but then I remembered that Hope was with me. If he was up then his friend must be. "I have to go for a second." I said running out of the door to the room that Hope was in with another one of those guys. Wow they asked a lot of questions. As I burst though the door I saw Hope scared as crap cause the guy they put in the room was awake and asking her questions. I hurried to her to hold her and tell her it was okay they weren't going to hurt her. She cried on my shoulder till I could calm her down. When I looked up from her I saw the guy that I slept in his room and the guy that room we were in. They just stood there staring at us. "Oh yeah, I'm Courage and this is Hope." I told them. "Oh, I'm Har-" "Wait, you mean Harry from One Direction? So that means if I am right then you." I said pointing to the guy with brown hair and blue eyes. "You must be the famous Louis Tomlinson." "Yeah, you know about us?" "No, barely we can go now Hope they are perfectly fine." I said standing up and pulling Hope to come with me. We got to the doorway when we heard someone say, "Wait, why? Are you seriously going to just leave? And what do you mean by barely, love?" Once we heard that we stopped. "I mean barely because I only know you from gossip and yes, yes we are going to just leave cause you have a concert to get to and we don't need to be on television." "We have to go we can't answer anymore questions don't except to see us ever again." Hope added. We walk down the hall with water in our eyes cause we had saved them and now we were just walking away from them like nothing ever happened. We didn't need them in our lives we have enough to deal with. They did try to get us to stop, but we just brushed them off. When we got outside we ran to the car before the tears came down. Reporters had already heard about the accident and were going to get some answers. "Do you know about the One Direction accident?" One of them asked coming up to us. "Who?" Is all we said and walked away from her. When we drove off we bursted into tears. It was horrible our mascara was running and smeared so was the eyeliner. We when home, got showers, changed, and fixed our makeup. Once we were finished we went to the park. Me with my guitar and Hope with her mini portable piano that she had recorded the songs we had wrote on them. When she pressed a button it would play different songs we had wrote. When we were at the park we found a bench so I sat on it getting ready to play and sing while Hope fixed her piano on the right song and started dancing. We finished a song and had quite a crowd around us so we decided to play another but this one was just with the guitar and us singing. We finished the sweet, slow song with a strung of all the strings. Everyone was crying and clapping it made us feel really good, but all good this have to come to an end. We had to go home cause my parents were coming to visit us. They were coming at around 12:00pm and we had to be there to greet them. We told everybody thank you and started to pick up our stuff when we got a tap on the shoulder...
----Present day----
Oh Hope is home from dance. I got to go and spent time with her. Check in with you laters. 

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