Evil Dead

After finishing their long tour, One Direction, they're girlfriends, and a close friend decide to celebrate by going on a camping trip to the woods. In a game of truth or dare, Louis and Harry were forced to walk around at night alone for ten minutes, after Harry and Lou don't return for some time the rest of the gang decides to go look for them when they find an abandoned house that was so tempting to enter...
A one direction horror story/fanfiction, and if you're asking, no the book is not like the movie 'Evil Dead'.


1. Chapter 1.



Colleen's POV

                          My heart was pounding in my head as I ran through the thick of the forest, tree's and branches stinging my face as I sped past them. The dark of the night impairing my vision as I helplessly tried to find my way out, looking over my shoulder ever so often, the low groans and stirs of the trees forced me to go faster. Tears flew off my face, out of breath and whimpering I stumbled over a rock, tumbling down a steep hill. I let out a cry of pain as something sharp punctured my side. As the slope came to an end, I landed hard on my back, knocking any wind that was left out. I groaned, sputtering out blood as I attempted to sit up, only to be forced back down by a strong weight among me. I opened my eyes to see a big heavy foot on my chest, it's diminished face towering over me. I let out a shriek as it brought it's arms down, the glint of the ax flashing before my eyes.

"Colly, you alright?" I awoke from my nightmare to see everyone's eyes on my, except for Louis who was watching the road.

I rubbed my head. "Yeah..just a bad dream." I shrugged.

"Must have been quite the experience." Liam chuckled.

"What?" I asked, causing everyone to errupt in fits of laughter. Liam reached in his back pocket, pulling out his phone. He fiddled with it before handing it to me. I glared at everyone before I pushed the play button, I stood their shocked and embarrassed as I watched myself scream things in my sleep. Zayn snatched the phone out of my hand right after it finished.

"Delete it!!" I exclaimed.

"Why? It's such a nice memory," Zayn laughed, handing Liam back his phone.

"No, it's embarrassing!" I whined, reaching over Zayn and Niall to get to Liam, trying to grab his phone who just waved it out of my reach.

"We're here!!" Louis shouted as we pulled into the dirt trail that took us into the forest where we would be staying.




"And that's how I got my cabbage!" Harry said, finishing his pointless story, that I hadn't listened to one bit.

Louis clapped his hands whilst shaking his head. "That was so funny, I forgot to laugh." He said sarcastically, small giggles formed among us, and Harry started over dramatically crying in his hands from Louis' remark.

"Nooooooooo!!" Liam yelled, everyone shot their eyes toward him to see what all the commotion was.

"We forgot the alcohol!" Liam cried, knocking over the empty cooler, every one let out groans of anger, except for Louis who was on his knees yelling 'why!?' into the sky.

"Okay, who was supposed to bring it?" Zayn sighed. Every one's eyes wondered to Niall, who pretended not to notice anything by messing with his guitar.

"Niall, you dumbass!" Louis insulted throwing a bag of marshmallows at him.

"Louis be nice!" Eleanor snapped.

"Yes mother!!" Louis said dragging out the 'r' in mother a little too long.

"My bad..." Niall shrugged.

"It's okay we can still have fun without getting drunk!" Harry cheered, trying to make every one feel better.

"And how is that?" Zayn asked annoyed..

"We could tell campfire stories!" I added confidently.

"Ha, what are we five?" Liam chuckled.

"Well some of us are..." I smirked, looking over to Louis who was trying to lick his elbow and gradually stopped as every one stared at him.

"No she is right, we should tell stories." Eleanor said, supporting my idea.

"Oooh I go first!" Harry yelled, thrusting his hand up in the air. "Okay so one day I was at the market getting some crisps-"

"Noooooooo!" Every one yelled at the same time, throwing what ever they could find at him.

"Don't worry guys I got this!" Danielle said, saving us from another one of Harry's boring stories. "So there's this legend about these woods..." She said mysteriously, the intro to probably a long tale of mischief happening.


By the time she had finished her story, everyone was shaking....except Niall. He claims he's too Irish to be scared of a stupid tale. But basically the story was about this women who lived in a cabin with her family somewhere in this forest, and she had gone completely mad after she found out her husband had been cheating behind her back for years, so she snapped, murdered her husband, and didn't want her daughter to grow up in an adoption home so she drowned her in the bathtub, and ended it all with a bullet to her own skull. Yeah...it was interesting.

"Harry get off of me!" Louis spat; attempting to pry Harry's fingers from his shirt.

"No, I'm scared." He whined; clinging to Louis shirt tighter and burrowing his face face into his chest. I swear sometimes those two just can't get enough of each other.

Liam cleared his throat; still a little shaken from his girlfriend's story. "So uhhh...what now?"

Harry's ears perked up and he finally let go of Louis. "Ooooh, we can tell jokes!" He smiled hopefully at all of us who just groaned. He was honestly the worst joke teller ever.

"Fine." I moaned, leaning my head back. We have to at least give him a chance.

"Yes! Okay, what did one wall say to the other?"

"I don't know, what?" Niall asked, popping a marshmallow in his mouth.

"Meet you at the corner! Haha, get it?" Harry laughed; arching his eyebrows.

"Haha, yeah that was..n't funny at all."Louis joked, all though it wasn't really joking because it was the truth. 

"We should play truth or dare." Zayn said blankly; picking at his nails. 

"hmmm." I hummed; nodding my head. "Louis and Harry, truth or dare?" 

They looked at each other for a second, mentally debating which one they should do. "Dare." Louis added quickly; probably the opposite of what Harry wanted. "We choose dare."

My lips turned into a sly smirk, that's exactly what I wanted him to say. "I dare both of you-" I paused, looking at the faces around me. "to walk around in the woods for ten minutes; with out your cell phones, flash lights etc." 

"But what if we get lost?" Harry asked wide-eyed. 

"That's just a risk you'll have to take."




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