Don't ever leave me

*Cause I'm dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now... cause you have that one thing <3*
PS: This have mature content but Movellas it's no the best with the birthady dates so I'm telling you here lol


1. What is wrong with me?

When Harry woke up it was 2:00’O clock of the morning, and everyone was probably still sleeping. He sighted, knowing that he couldn’t fall sleep again.

So, he stood up and went to the living room.

“Lou?” he asked surprised. His best friend was watching a movie and eating popcorns.

“Harry!” Louis turned his head back with a smile and said; “thank god! I was dying of boring! Come here and watch the movie with me”.

Harry laughed and went to sit next to the boy, who, disgusted, grabbed him and placed on his legs to caress his curls. Harry merely laughed at that.

“What does the movie it’s about?”

“I think it’s about zombies or aliens. I don’t know”

“And why do you think that?”

“Cause they’re this battle airplanes so I think it’s something about apocalypse”

“This is not going to make me sleep”

“Well, the other option is a romantic movie about a girl who loses his memory after an accident so she can’t remember her husband and she falls in love with someone else”

“I think I prefer zombies and aliens. That’s kind of depressive”


They didn’t say a lot during the night, and slowly Louis felt sleep under Harry. He notice when his friend stop caress his curls. He looked at him, and saw his face, with his closed eyes… and then he saw his lips, those kissable lips… Wait, what the fuck he was doing?

Harry, surprise with himself, walked his face away of Louis’, realizing that he was just going to… was he was actually going to kiss his best friend?

Louis groaned and stretched in dreams, causing that his legs caress Harry’s, who shuddered… what strange… why was he feeling those butterflies in his stomachs? That just couldn’t be happening. He swallowed difficulty and tried to get up without waking up Louis. When he finally did it, he went to the bathroom and rinsed his face, trying to calm down.

What is wrong with me?” he said softly, feeling the tears streaming down his face.

He bit his lip, sighting.

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