Lights Will Guide You Home


5. Tickets

  The sun is absolutely in full bloom today , it's July half of my summer has been in depression. This is the first time I've seen the sun since the accident. I remember a place my aunt describes yesterday in the car, an old coffee shop. I walk down the sidewalk and put my headphones in. I breath in and realize that I'm happy genuinely happy. I arrive at the coffee shop and notice hundreds of people crowed at the front door but not going in. A black sleek SUV is waiting outside the building and I make my way to the front of the crowd and go into the shop. As soon as I am inside I bump into someone. My bag falls to the ground and I groan and lean down to gather my contents. The mystery male I walked into also crouched down and helps with my things. 'Sorry' he mumbles in a British accent. I don't look up and nod my head while saying 'Mm'. I walk away with my bag and don't look back to see the male. I sit at an empty booth and take out my earphone. A waitress joins me and asks me for anything I order a caramel latte and she's on her way.  Sipping at my boiling coffee I decide to call my mother. 'Hey mom .' I say into my phone. 'Baby!' She screams. I smile and we go into a conversation. After thirty minutes I end the call pay for my coffee and get up to leave. As I walk out of the building I notice that the crowd of people are gone as is the SUV. Wonder what that was about. I walk onto the sidewalk and make my way back to the flat, one inside I see my aunt is back and she has a huge smile on her face. 'Wanna go to a concert ?' My aunt rises from the stool she was sitting at and walks over to me. 'What?' I ask 'Well, they called me into work today because one of the editors daughter was sick, she then called me up and offered me some tickets her daughter had for tonight to see this band , One Direction.' My aunt seems excited as she speaks. I smile and say 'Sure.' What do you wear to a concert? I ask my self this three times before settling on a loose white v-neck and cutoff shorts. I pair it off with some black converse and sit on my bed, legs crossed. One Direction , I've heard of them and not to lie I do enjoy some f their songs but I have no energy for a concert.  I walk into the kitchen and notice that aunt is I'm her pj's and drinking a cup of tea. 'You look cute ' she smiles and looks me up and down. 'Aren't you coming its nearly eight? ' I point at the wall clock above the tv. 'No, there is only one ticket and you deserve some fun. Ill text you the directions to see one direction. ' she smiles at her own joke and I laugh at the quirkiness. I make my way out of door and take in the wonderful weather and the full moon. I get lost a few times but I make it to the venue arena that my aunt texted me directions to. I look around once I get inside and past the ticket booth. Thousands on thousands of girls ! I walk over to where the the usher told me. Second row back from the stage. Apparently this girl was a big fan. I wait twenty minutes and then the lights dim and everyone in the huge arena gets quiet. Then a voice booms through the speakers 'Hello everyone ! I'm Liam' Cut to another male voice 'Im Zayn' another , 'I'm Niall ' another ' Im Harry ' and one more 'And I'm Louis' All together. 'And we're One Direction' The crowd goes wild, and I admit I smile just a little. 

Sorry this is so short but i felt like updating twice today <3

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