Lights Will Guide You Home


6. The Concert


Back home, I had been to a lot of parties. Since Aron was a year older than me I always got to go and enjoy myself whenever he got invited. Though I have never had so much fun than at a One Direction concert. The music was amazing and the entire show was hilarious. In my head I decided that this had been the best day in the my life since the accident. Everything was going fine , the boys ended their shows and waved at some fans. As they walked off the stage the rows and rows of people started flooding out. Suddenly I got pushed and I went falling to the ground as I got up I noticed my phone had flown out over by the stage. I ran over the ginormous thing, and picked up my phone. When I stood up straight a spot light that malfunctioned was shone straight at me. It was bright and brutally hot, then I saw it. The light was shining on me like headlights. Giant truck headlights headed straight for.. Me.  The things about blackouts are that there is a two minute time span of when you're mind becomes awake and when you open your eyes. As I slowly began to regain my consciousness I began to hear male voices all around, then I felt the weight of someone sitting down on the end of whatever I was lying on. Suddenly my eyes shoot open, and I see a blonde blue eyes boy in front of me. He's smiling big and suddenly he embraces me. 'Uhm...' Is all I manage to make out. He continues to talk, 'We really got frightened when we saw you fall love.' Is that an Irish accent? 'Sorry' I mumble and let my legs swivel my body over the edge of the bed I have been placed on. He is now standing and extends a hand to me , I instead stand by myself and look around. It's not joke when I say that I do such a sudden double take that I hurt my neck. Five boys standing side by side and smiling , I am standing facing One Direction.  'I think I need to lay down again.' I mumble. Niall rushes over and gets me a chair, it's weird saying his name but he does. I sit down and put my head in my hands. 'Are you okay love' a hand comes down to my back and rub up and down. I look up and see Louis standing next to me. 'Yeah, I think I need to get home' I say quietly. It's funny how at all at the same time the five boys shake their heads. I look at them confused, then realize that I havnt even asked anything about what happened. 'Er, can someone tell me how I got here?' I say my voice uneven. Zayn walks up and explains what happened 'During Over Again, I dropped my earpiece so after I thought everyone had left the stadium I went back and looked for it.' 'But,' interrupts Liam 'It was to dark to see the small thing, so he asked me to tell the lighting guy to turn on one of the spot lights. After, I rushed out to help him find it , so we could go. That's when we saw you fall over and when we rushed over you were unconscious.' They all smile at me sympathetically at me and I look at my feet. 'Uhm, can you get a car for me , I think I should go home.' I say getting up once again. 'Uhm, I can drive you love.' Says Harry.  'Thats okay , just call me a car. Ill be okay.' I say. 'It's no bother really' he says. I smile and nod my head, I slowly get up and ask another question, 'Uhm , my phone ?' I see Louis walk over to a table holding some magazines and a tea cup. He hands me my phone and begins to smile like an idiot. 'We gave ourselves permission to put our numbers in your cell' says a grinning Liam. I smile slightly and tuck my hair behind my ear. Harry takes my hand and leads me out of the room, as he closes the door I swear I hear an Irish accent say, 'She's beautiful.'  Is this really happening , am i in the car with Harry Styles ? When we walked out of the back of the building we were swarmed by dozens of reporters and media press. Harry put a protective arm around me and led me to his car. Once we were in the car he asked me the address, after I give it to him he begins to drive. We drive in silent until I speak silently ' Thanks'. Harry looks over and smiles. We arrive at my house in no time. As I take my seatbelt off he gets out of the car comes around and opens the door. 'Hopefully we'll all see you soon. 'He sad as I get out. 'All the boys think you're beautiful.'I blush at the last comment , and head for the building door.
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