Secretly rich

When Madeline's best friend, Jess, finds out that she is the secret Queen of France, she is speechless. It is half term and Jess goes to Madeline's house to stay for a night. When they get their Jess realises that Madeline is a secret billionaire with a giant mancheon and is ruling France.


1. surprise

"See you after half term Megan! Bye Lucy!" Jess shouted to them as they walked to the school gate to go home.

"Aren't you coming with us?" Megan shouted.  "I'm going to Madeline's," she screamed back through the bustle of the school crowd as they all ran to the buses and cars to go home for the half term holidays. "Well, ok then. Have fun! bye!" And she walked away with Lucy.

Jess was wating at the foyer for Madeline to appear. It was twenty five to four, five minutes into the half term holidays.  Five minutes of freedom waisted just standing in the reception.  It was probably worth it though, afterall, madeline was her friend, best friend in fact.

"Sorry Jess. I left my PE bag at the other side of school, but I did do my best to hurry." Madeline apoligised when she finally turned up. Madeline was quite well... um... how should I put this... well spoken, or posh. She was fairly tall with probably the longest hair in their year. It was straight and golden, she had rosy cheeks, red lips and dark blue eyes. She liked to talk... alot, she had a good sense of humour and was surprisengly, extremely clever.

"Oh that's ok, how are we getting to yours? Maddy?" Jess asked. Madeline got out her phone (She had a pink, sparkly iphone 5) and started to scroll down her texts. "Well my mother says that she can't give us a lift because she is at work, and no buses go to our house, so she has orded a taxi," she said casually. "You shouldn't be spending that kind of money just on me, we could have walked. "Er, bit to long to walk," Madeline shook her head. "Why? Where do you live?" Jess curiously asked. "Primshire, in the country."

"Primshire? wow, that's some drive every morning and afternoon," Jess exlaimed.

"Yeah, I suppose it is. Oh look, here's the lim... I mean taxi," Madeline hestitated then chuckled guiltily afterwards for some reason.

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